French Bulldog Puppy

A pet is a loyal friend and a joy every day. Nice to come home and see a pretty joyful attractive face, which shines with happiness. Many plants possess extraordinary and unusual pets, but most remain committed to a standard dog and cat. Dogs and cats also come in different breeds and different color and personality can be expressed here. Unusual and a good friend can become a French bulldog. This is a dog small size and suitable for small apartments. The weight of this dog reaches no more than thirteen pounds. Care for this dog simple. From young age to accustom your puppy comb. Combing dog must be Every day, start with the head and tail finish. The peculiarity of this breed is the absence of molting and peculiar smell. Teach your puppy and cleaning the ears and eyes. Ears can be cleaned once a week using a cotton coli. Filed under: Steven A. Kaplan. If you notice any unusual discharge or inflammation, contact your veterinarian. Eyes French bulldog should be cleaned once a day. Dampen a cloth with warm water and wipe the eyes of your dog. Healthy eyes bright and clear, without haze and precipitates.

Czech Republic

Age of about 4 thousand years. 5 – Canis familiaris matris optima Seittels. Bronze dog, age about 3 thousand years. Found in the Czech Republic, Russia. Large dog with a wedge-shaped skull, a long narrow snout, with a distinct ridge occipital bone. Age 4-5 thousand years. It is assumed that was used as a herding dog to guard the flock. 6 – Canis familiaris intermedius Woldricu. Ash or ash dog, so named due to the fact that her skeletal remains found in the ash sacrificial fires on the territory of Austria to the Amur. The Latin name translates as an intermediate, suggesting an intermediate position between her skull skulls torfyanikovym spire and a bronze dog. Skull similar to the skull of modern hounds with a blunt snout and heightened the transition to the brain of the skull. 7 – Canis familiaris decumanus Nehring. The bones of this dog found Neringa near Berlin. Large dog, the skull close to the skull dog Inostrantsev. Individual characteristics like molossoid. The complexity of rock formation, and classification of rocks by the fact that this process is caused by two groups of factors: biological and social. 1. Biological factors include variability, heredity and natural selection. At the same time, creating a breed, a man used a hidden in the genome of canine variation in growth properties of wool and its color and even the ugly, bizarre wildlife mutation type akromik-theory (the shortening of the facial bones of the skull), acromegaly (elongation of the facial bones of the skull and limb bones), chondrodystrophy (Dramatic growth retardation and limb bones, as a consequence, disproportionately short legs), dwarf (small body size, while maintaining proportionality).

Cane Corso Dogs

Cane Corso – it's very smart, disciplined dogs, who are willing to easily learn new things. There is no need to force her to do something. Will be sufficient to clear and accessible to explain the dog that it is from it requires to tell you what can and can not be done. then it immediately starts to try to make things right, to deserve your praise, attention, and be you need it. Affectionate and obliging for the home, she threatening and aggressive to intruders. Under no circumstances, never Cane Corso does not show aggression to the owner and family members. This dog is a lifetime in love with his master, he was to her 'king and God. " This breed is from generation to generation of breeding is carefully picking on 'psychological type', so that eventually turned equilateral used, versatile and of course, well-balanced dog. If your family has young children, can not at all worried. Cane Corso – excellent nurse and a wonderful companion in all games. Already a young age puppies are well aware of their heroic virtue, and therefore belongs to the children very carefully and carefully. Not in any circumstances thrust, not drop the baby, always without a murmur, and patiently transfer all the whims and pranks kid. Cane Corso – it's incredibly generous and friendly dog, it is excellent gets along with any other animals or birds: whether it is a dog, cat or canary, always with his friends and takes under his wing. This dog is not quarrelsome. you'll never be in suspense for a walk with her in front of you be able to relax and unwind, even if the dog is walking without a leash. Others including muscular biopsy, offer their opinions as well. Cane Corso will never initiate a fight, on the contrary it always tries to get away from fights and resolve the problem of 'peacefully'. Well, if that – face in the dirt Cane Corso does not hit, because it is the owner of a monstrous force, and some teeth which are worth! Always and everywhere, in every dog of Cane Corso has always recognized and undisputed leader. When you're expecting guests, there is no need keep your pet for the seven locks, put on a chain and muzzle. On your relation to the newly arrived man, the dog will immediately understand who come to you – enemy or friend. In the presence of his beloved master's Cane Corso calm, peaceful and friendly, never attack without a team or a good reason. Remained the same one, Cane Corso is an unsurpassed guardian of your home.


The life of all people without exception, its development will be permeated by a large number of situations and experiences that greatly affected his personality and his way of thinking. Before this fact presents a discipline dedicated to the study of how it affects the person the different experiences of life and such discipline is psychology which studies various mental processes from three dimensions, the cognitive, the affective and the behavioural and reflected in fields as the moral, social and spiritual. Psychology seeks to encompass the study of all human experiences, in such a way their field of action trafficking from the brain functions and forms as this is affected with different kinds of stimuli, to the mental development of individuals at different stages of his life. It should be note that psychology not Sun seeks to understand situations related to humans, since psychology is about fashion as they think animals, therefore can also be said that psychology studies both to humans as animals in their way of thinking, feeling and learning, in addition to this study as the process of adapting to the environment that surrounds the life of people and animals is. The method that has developed the current psychology to understand thought, is collecting information about different facts and experiences in which behavior is observed and thus organize them systematically and so to elaborate theories to contribute to the task of understanding how to act and having a means to explain the behavior and in some cases theories arrive at a point at which are useful to predict future actions and so to be able to intervene in them. Psychology in the development of its activity has been deployed through 2 ways that help you research, so are:-psychology as an experimental science, who are looking for a contrast of hypotheses, with various variables in experimental contexts, is normal psychology in this case go to other areas of scientific study to perform best examples. -Psychology looking to give a real development, from a perspective more broad, making valuations in its research methods, that seek to enrich the description and interpretation of various processes. It is true that scientific experimentation of Psychology develops both in humans and in animals, but is much more common application in humans, since the application of psychology is presented much more to treat people, and in a minor measure it is with animals, either as a subject of study or as an element to compare species. Psychology by having as object of study the man, is an application that moves between the biological and social, so in his work psychology works with a normal element of the environment, seeking to understand how this unfolds in the environment in which is usually located, i.e. in society.