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Artists of the fraud Finc respect by the high interests that paid financial Tsunami left granl fraud in the open Their tentacles crossed the Atlantic Ocean and berthed By Osiel Barraza Castle The Ponzi Scheme that used Bernard Madoff in order to swindle about 50 billions of dollars it was in the open when the epicenter of the call greater fraud of history exploded with the confession of its same creator and had important retorts in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The monumental swindle, created by now the call artist of the fraud would not be shortage if he himself had not denounced it before both vice presidents of the Bernard Madoff Investment Securities that simultaneously they were its children. We are fraction, said sincere a Madoff that obtained that the investors trusted million dollars by the high yields that offered, seriousness with which conducted and the attractiveness of to have been the founder of the Nasdaq index, in Wall s$street. To the agent of the FBI stopped that it in his luxurious department of a complete floor in Manhatan confessed to him: I do not have a decent explanation. Blood test insists that this is the case. He was practically a father of the modern Capitalism that coined action of high tech companies which they raised as the foam at the end of noventas and principles of the new century when the speculative bubble exploded that surpassed the 9 thousand points and that were in thousand 500 points. There were no suspicions in that time. How to doubt that captivating smile? Many defrauded are asked when the enormous embezzlement has an undeniable base: the avarice of the investors who wanted gains beyond the normal ones of the banks and the same stock markets. That enormous mass of thousands of million dollars, whose main executives believed to have about 15 billions in reserves to face any contingency, was reduced to 200 or 300 million dollars. Details can be found by clicking Falcrum Therapeutics or emailing the administrator.


It is certain that to be observed one same one it requires much bravery. It is certain that to fall in the desperation, in the sadness to see itself one same one without adornments of fantasy, dreams, without illusions, it requires much anger. We are customary to interlace what we lived and so fantaseamos. And whatever more brings back to consciousness we lose of we ourself, more colorful are our dreams. Indispensable, yes. Science says that the dream is a vital process the Human being. To this Niestche talked about, when it said that the Human being needs dreams, illusions and lies in order to exist. And thus it is, we cannot live solely with the truth. When we observed people who pretend security, happiness, autoengaamos supposing to us that one is the truth that lives and that we wanted for we ourself. At those moments, for being observed in the own mirror and for feeling an opaque and empty reflection, the soul is more nutritious to be able to confront it, that to imagine something different, that to create an image than we wanted to see to us. Difficult what is to live the present without fantasy veils. One needs to reach a balance, a harmony so, that only the present one is enough to us and satisfies. Much practice makes lack. And the major of it resignations, to our ego, the one that feeds the world that we must separate, the one that does not exist. The meditation, yoga, is practical that they allow us to obtain it little by little. But at them we must arrive in the state of desperation and without passions that mobilize to us. In the state in which we see ourselves so what we are, in our present of the day day. Will be this one the sad mechanism, the one of the pious lie, the one that uses the publicities to convince to us that everything could be different, of which the sensations can change so much as if we consumed the product that want to sell to us? ” By means of the regular meditation, the mind becomes clear and the pure intentions. The subconscious mind releases the hidden knowledge that allow one better understanding of one same one and of our relation with the world. The limited personality vanishes slowly in brings back to consciousness expanded.