The original Portugal experience whom it already feels the chill in the upcoming cold temperatures and pulls in the South and the Sun, which should cover a trip to Portugal in the eye. For those who can spend not all winter in the Algarve, such a trip along the Atlantic coast is worth, to get a taste of the approaching spring away from the Northern cold. The online portal presents Portugal in winter. Hotels in the Algarve are a delight, especially in the winter. Learn more about this with Cancer Research. Since then the tourist swarms who are usually in the summer, back in the home are. Holiday makers have thus at that time the hotel and the beach almost entirely for themselves. While in the summer, the beautiful beaches of the Algarve by visitors are covered with a deck chair at the other, fishermen can be seen in the winter here in their work. A walk on the beach becomes a relaxing experience. One of the best routes leads to the steep cliffs at the Cabo de Sao Lagos Vicente. The mild temperatures are also a good argument and make it easy to get to know the original Portugal. The spring-like temperatures ideally suited to penetrate into the hinterland and the culture and the landscape to get to know better. Vacationers here, for example from the top of 902 meters high Foia in the Serra de Monchique enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Algarve. At this time, the landscape of Portugal also already told by spring. So Bloom wild azaleas, rhododendrons and peonies along with Mimosas, ferns and Mandelbaumchen. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/1215 / service GmbH Lisa Neumann