Ten Sefirot

Naturally, this is just a scheme. In fact, the situation is more complicated. Man falls under influence of ideas prevailing among the owners of his new information. Drawn by desire, it applies to everything going on in this environment as the ugly duckling who suddenly had the chance to learn to be a white swan. Therefore, susceptibility to it any information that comes out of this environment, a disproportionately large, up to the adoption of ideas in this medium as their own. The perception of new information over time, changes look of a man in the world and their role in it, that is created every time a new person. Now, however, had sung a hymn ode created and nurtured us, life-giving ray of light in the dark our animal kingdom – Mrs. information, you can say something quite serious about our the individual, which is information of Kabbalah. In the ‘Preface to the teachings of the Ten Sefirot “J. Ashlag, referring to a set of typical objections to the Kabbalah, there and then’ close ‘this issue, explaining who she Kabbalah intended. If we ask ourselves: ‘What is the meaning of life? “- That is what my joy from it, but more accurately – who from her joy, and do not find an answer to this question, then all of the most concrete object to Kabbalah simply disappear. ‘Look at the place where they were – said J. Ashlag – and you will see that there are none. ” That is information that a person can get in the Kabbalah, the highest need for ‘floor’ of his personality – where he searches for the meaning of what happened to him and to people before, and what is happening now. Do it to him personally, this information, to solve every one of us, listening to yourself: Does it sound that question? But that Kabbalah is needed around the world people, we can see, if we see how our further development is the salvation of our previous development. More and more clearly. That is human life on earth, deprived of development, is becoming increasingly meaningless.