Contraceptive Patch

That it is a Contraceptive Patch? The contraceptive patch is a contraceptive method used by the women. You reduce unlike them, the patch does not avoid the risk of diseases of sexual transmission (ETS). The statistics show that the contraceptive patch is of 99% cash to prevent the pregnancy. The contraceptive patch has been demonstrated to be a safe and trustworthy method of birth control. The contraceptive patch adheres directly on the skin. Estrogen hormones and progesterone are freed in a daily dose in the sanguineous torrent. These hormones are similar to already present natural hormones in the body. They prevent that the ovulation takes place each mes.anticonceptivos yasmin. This means that the ovule that is fertilized generally by a spermatozoon with the purpose of to cause the pregnancy not produces it. Other effects of the contraceptive patch include a thickening of the entrance of the uterus. This causes that it is more difficult for the spermatozoa arrive at the uterus. The coating of the uterus also is made thinner, that it makes that an egg more difficult to adhere to the wall of the uterus. One of the advantages of the contraceptive patch is that it is very easy to use. Unlike the contraceptive pill, there is no necessity to remember take the medicine every day. The contraceptive patch only must be applied once per week. The use of the contraceptive patch is realised per shorter and less painful periods. The patch is very discreet and sticky they even can be used during swimming. Hormones are not absorbed in the stomach and continue being effective during situations of disease or diarrhoea. The contraceptive patch also has some disadvantages. Due to their lack of protection against the ETS, condn or the contraceptive ring is the first options for a total tranquillity. Some women also are prone to the irritation of the skin in the frequent use of the patch. Some women undergo indirect effect when using the contraceptive patch, including headaches, changes of humor and increase or loss of weight. Certain medecines can cause that the contraceptive patch is not effective. A woman must consult her doctor if she has plans to take medecines while she uses the patch. Some natural medecines, such as the Grass of San Juan (St. Johns Wort), this medicine is known to cause that the contraceptive patch is not effective. There are special cases in which the use of the patch is not recommended and it is advised to look for other alternatives like other natural contraceptive methods. In the women majors of 35 years and in the women who smoke not it recommends to use the patch. In the women who suffer of certain medical conditions such as the thrombosis, diseases of the serious heart and migraas are not recommended to use the patch. It is very important to consult the doctor before deciding to use the contraceptive patch. Source: Note of Press sent by vannesakol.