She has others that nor private equity would take, but that they had finished making offers of same action assim' ' , she analyzes. For Rabbat, as much the dispute for asset how much the effect of the wave of IPOs carried through in the year passed they are ' ' symptoms of the changeable income that must continue one or two for anos' '. Lovisotto indicates that the wallet of investments of the foundations (with exception of Previ) has, on average, 16% placed in Stock market, 47% in CDI and Selic in 37% in inflation. ' ' With the Stock market it will not be possible to beat the atuarial goal, nor with CDI or Selic. With the inflation dar&#039 only goes; ' , it esteem. According to Lovisotto, of the 150 foundations that the RiskOffice folloies, only of 20% 22% had obtained to reach the atuarial goal in the gathered of the six first months of 2008. For Rabbat and Lovisotto, it is certain that some entities will have to consume part of the accumulated surplus to pay benefits. ' ' The year is given: or the Stock market of the one overturn or many entities does not go to obtain to beat to the goal atuarial' ' , it finishes Rabatt.Novo has controlled foreigner in the Canadian RiskOfficeA Algorithmics will be the new owner of the RiskOffice inside of some years. In December of 2007, the two company had made an association, from which the company foreigner passed withholds a participation in the national consultoria. ' ' They had bought a slice of the RiskOffice and, to the few, they go acquiring restante' ' , it affirms Marcelo Rabbat, commercial director of the consultoria. Of a side, the RiskOffice will be the window for pension fund the foreign ones to look at net assets in Brazil and, of the other, the capacity of distribution of the Algorithmics around of the world will take the services of the Brazilian consultoria, in special the studies of ALM, for customers internacionais.' ' The Algorithmics has a strong penetration in the world. .