Diluent should not be too much, otherwise the binder is precipitated. To prevent this, should follow the recommendations specified in the instructions. If the diluent is incompatible with the binder, is curtailment of paint, it becomes completely unusable. When the number of incompatible diluent is small, the reaction of paint on it you can not immediately see. But after applying the paint, it is clear that the quality of its much worse: it may result in loss of gloss, peeling paint, or at least, in the formation of a matte surface. For the manufacture of paints used different solvents: light, medium and heavy. Lungs solvents have a boiling point below 100 C. Average solvents have a boiling point below 130 C. Heavy has a boiling point above 130 C. Evaporation of the solvent in the paint and then should be increased gradually, without heat to the solvent does not remain in the paint. Drying should take place quickly to avoid streaks formed during application of paint, and a constant speed, so heavy solvents are not left in the paint film. C since the first application of paint solvents evaporate lungs, which prevents stains. This stage is called the grasp of the paint. As the drying medium is evaporated and then the heavy solvents. Oxidation, or polymerization, the paint film undergoes several stages: dust-neprilipanie to the film surface (a painted surface does not stick to dust and sand, then, to the extent of drying, wood shavings, and finally Absorbent cotton wool), dry paint surface (which is allowed careful palpation);-cured paint (may be feeling free).

Auto Bid

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Hawaiian Islands

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