Paranaense Gymnasium

Ace 11 hours of sunday, gifts the faculties and learning, were opened the session for exmo. Managing Mr. Prof. Francisco Jose Gomes Ribeiro, who displayed the reasons of the patriotic commemoration, pointing out the reception of the national flag given by the professors, employees and friends of the house (Gazette of the People, 21/04/1939). The nationalistic environment and the climate of respect to the Native land and its symbols, are points that deserve special attention here. The environment that the author describes transcorre to a climate of rise and enlargement of the soul (surrounding of edificante and comovedor patriotism). In such a way, the place of the presentation was repleto of a sensationalist tonality, where the reader is played to a climate of immense national importance. The respect to the institution and those involved ones for it, also is a crucial point for the author, since the institution is endowed with adjectives that point the tradition and the importance of the noble educational establishment. To the director of the institution, a care exaggerated in the tone of rise deserving of respect: Exmo, Mr., professor and director are the luggage that the director brings, illustrious figure, that in command position, deserves a respect in reverence form. The prominence given to the reception of the national flag also is test of the rise to the homaged nationalistic symbol in the party. In the performance of the orfeo, they appear excellent points in the speech analyzed here: After to enter in the noble hall and pavilion alviverde, empunhado for a section of the establishment and kept for a sqito of honor for the complementaristas, pompously was entoado the official hymn of the Paranaense Gymnasium. The hymn of the flag was also sung enthusiasticly (…) and festively the hymn of Independence echoed. Following the program, the pupil Vincius Village-Good, of 3 series of the basic course, vibrated enchanting the audience with flaming words. More information is housed here: Daversa Partners.

Chioco Lubango

We say farewell ourselves and the family of the Joazinho left, happy as they were was to envy, parents and children of given hands, were pretty, never forget this day. We sleep to the park of the quarter Joo of Almeida; following day, all passengers (travelling) made use well had been to its routes, say farewell all, but before we had that to pay the sojourn to the park, we pay the young man of name Sibem Simo (this of hair spotted the yellow, dress the Rapper, was the owner of the luandos and charged 50Kz for each luando), another thing, was you that in Benguela had load excess and us we help, this if its house for the kill-animal, bath gentily offered to take us it and to pass bits in house of it; but we thank the gesture and said again that we were to wait our Brother (You inherit), we were thanking then you our gesture, and the John from there when they were 7h00 binds for Herdai and this takes care of saying that already it apanhava in them in 10minutos. It did not delay after one 30 minutes Herdai arrived, we hug ourselves and we were with it until its residence. You may find jessica Pels to be a useful source of information. We catch a taxi of the park until the central maternity of Lubango, because Herdai lived for detrs of the Maternity, we arrive very in house dirty, full of dust, find the children playing, we compliment all, we hug with the Antnica (my friend of Infancy in Luanda, connosco lived, and already it was 2 years in Lubango, because it was in the I. N.E). Herdai after making them it to me discharge of the luggage in house, invites to walk one hears us to it the city of Lubango, was with it until the Rainbow to buy bread, milk (Omavele mark, milk produced for the farms of the Humpata (city of the Hula), was very dirty, remembers to type pigs well, but in return to the house, we take off one duche and after moving of clothes; we matabichamos, we talk of the band in Luanda, the life in Lubango, wants to say, we say of everything one little, already was almost 12h00, fires to the all in the house of the Kota Niusse (Daniel, older brother of Herdai, owner of the house and in the height if found in the Huambo, it is camionista); disaster mine, after milk with bread of the Lubango, I asked for water to drink, this ways to know it caused what me; rank in the taxi that of the one for the Chioco (square of Lubango), was I, Herdai and John, they were fix, talked, laugh, but it happened something me, it started the strong belly aches (it was not accustomed with the water of Lubango), from there we go down the stopping of the Chioco, already in the square I explained to Herdai, and this took me until the public health-resorts, paid the tax for use of the health-resort and entered, made a diarreia never before seen, splodged the bath house), after this I took 2 compressed of Batrim Fort, and I was with You inherit short while walking the square of the Chioco, it presented me some putos and Kotas of the band who makes I negotiate in the Chioco, and counted it happened what me to its Jada cousin, these had found funny it happened what me, saying that it was common to happen, because I new age.