Scuderia Italia

Bernhard Dransmann presents a small, but extremely exclusive selection from the House of the sports car legend Ferrari”, whose Mythos is unbroken for more than six decades. Shortly before the first start, it remains a well-kept secret, which models he presented this year in each year. No matter whether a Ferrari Challenge, Ferrari F50, Ferrari the blood pumping, device 350 Modena, Ferrari Enzo or Ferrari XX, at any automotive friend If the motors of this extraordinary sports car sound. Classic Italian cars Motorsport is the motto of the Scuderia Italia classic.” The series will also perform for the first time at a mountain race and presents contemporary and classic Italian touring cars of the 60s, 70s and 80s years, Fiat UNO, Fiat 127, Fiat 128, Fiat Ritmo primarily from the House of Fiat models up to a current race version of the new Fiat 500. Visit Alexxi Slip on Sneaker for more clarity on the issue. “To popular regulars of the Osnabruck ADAC mountain race are the smallest” under the Italian vehicles, the Abarth COPPA Mille “, become. The name itself says it in this series.

The small race rolls of the King of the small cars start here”, Carlo Abarth, with a cc to 1000 cc. His time in Turin by the company Abarth based souped-up touring car of the former Fiat 500, Fiat 600, or Fiat 850 in particular on the basis of. To get front driven Autobianchi A112 and Fiat 127. “And so all Italians in the Forza Italia”, true to the motto more race, more fun “at the start. For the actor Norbert Heisterkamp, Osnabruck ADAC is mountain race master appointment in his crowded schedule. The prominent TV star will be guest again this year and its small and large fans available in the paddock. Norbert Heisterkamp gained the role of Harry Moller in the RTL cult series of all Abou”its great reputation. In addition to appearances in numerous TV productions, he is also from the most successful film of Otto men alone in the wood seven dwarfs”particularly well known.