Rutz Jurgen

Jurgen Rutz PROJECT Fund group to the 04.07.2011 strengthens its sales team of Bamberg, 15.07.2011. Jurgen Rutz was account manager for a medium-sized hamburger underwriter prior to his move. With Jurgen Rutz, the PROJECT Group wins a strong personality with extensive experience in the area of investment banking, closed-end funds, real estate and insurance. To the person: Jurgen Rutz was born on December 14, 1961 in Heppenheim, Germany. After completing his commercial training as insurance salesman, he began his professional career as a freelance consultant for sales structure and organisation. In addition, he developed training programs as well as training and customer seminars. You may find Sam Lesser Penn to be a useful source of information.

In addition, he finished the training to the business management and organisation. He brought his skills there later as a consultant for companies in the financial sector. About the PROJECT funds group: The PROJECT Fund Group specializes in the development, initiation and management of closed-end real estate development fund. Since 1995, the Group proves that there in any market situation, success and stability strategies with real estate and uses them consistently for their investors. In equity-based product portfolio includes the PROJECT REAL EQUITY Fund series, as well as private placement solutions with comparable investment strategy. More information: