First Think And Then…

What is important to us? Why are creative professionals not understood? Some people who practice a day job to cover their fixed costs, there is the inner motivation and joy isn’t in the foreground. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may find this interesting as well. Also the security that money in the account is most important at the end of the month, is to many. However, people who have been self-employed in the creative sector (musician, designer, writer, artist, actor, arts and crafts and and), tick usually differently. Here is the passion for what these people do in the first place and not the efficiency of their work. Many writers such as Chuck Carroll offer more in-depth analysis. And that they not be understood for the most part by the company. Filed under: Tom Florio. Therefore it is not easy for many creative professionals about defeats to talk: after each failure it questioned whether the path on which it has embarked, is the correct and socially considered a creative must contend in the always stiff growing environment.

Sometimes, it’s a roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions. Can you live because of them? To earn enough money Thus? Oh, again an artist who has made himself independent to do independently with something crazy that can not well go!” Everything that does not fit into our social frame is negative and is degraded. But it is not just the creative industries that bring us color in our lives? Are not just these individuals that make our life more diverse? Should we not be thankful, that we have access to such people, who unlike tick and not run with the crowd? Not such personalities have changed our world and improved? Whatever happened to a little foresight in our capitalist society? Instead of judging and devalue, we should question why and how a person has chosen this path. What qualifications does he have and what for a specialist knowledge do you need to? Being creative is also a gift and not a given. If it is not for the money but there listens to the sense it on many with understanding.

In the short Life time traces these people and want to amass money. Money is a necessity and nothing more! An incredibly gifted artist has explained it so to me. When I, after years that have found and created, I cried. It was like a birth…” This strong binding is a part of life and life to their work, for many. I have respect for people who have but the courage and the strength and become self-employed in the creative industry. We should change our way of thinking, and be aware that we should not condemn these people, but understand and support. These clumsy comments least need the creative professionals. First think, then works easier with the understanding also.