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Good 500 of such studies could be performed by Dr. José Baselga is actively involved in the matter. Wald’s team in recent years. Therapy: per rather better counting and by memorizing the first two school years can with the fingers often bypass. Especially intelligent children are only noticeable in higher classes performance. But later, a professional help is initiated, a learning therapy is even longer and harder. It is active only in the fifth grade, are three years often need therapy “, explains Inga Diop.

And the psyche of the child has usually already a crack. Fear of failure are not uncommon “, she adds. Is teacher training important how teachers should now handle the increased requirements for screening and promotion? For this purpose, the IML as official Fort pictures of the land School Board offers special training courses. Connect with other leaders such as Tom Florio here. We could teachers for this subject in about 100 events so far well 2000 raising awareness “, stressed the lecturer Dr. Walker. Now, does are something and the schools is the problem no longer quite so helpless as few years ago “, he complements.

Dyscalculia is recoverable succeeds problems can seriously and to initiate an adequate promotion of the children an enormous load are increased. The chances of success of a learning therapy are quite good. Dr. Walker: excluding medical causes and a learning disability, so we can overcome the dyscalculia at very many students. “This does not necessarily mean a top note but in any case, that math for these children to a normal” compartment and they can seek a school corresponding to their abilities. With over 200 students that have succeeded so far, he is pleased. Study day on the subject of computing weakness/dyscalculia for teachers, parents and other interested parties with the following lectures: Dealing with the psychological pressure in learning disabilities Early intervention for the prevention of qualitative diagnosis of the weakness of the data processing weakness stumbling blocks in the mathematical class what sustainable remedial classes has to do? Diagnosis and promotion of dyslexia/LRS dyscalculia at the gymnasium in 5th and 6th class computing weakness early detection in the first grade useful finger arithmetic to number term establishing individual counseling, Book table and point of contact throughout the day. Friday, November 16, 2007 from 13: 00 to 19:00 in the Brunsviga, 38106 Braunschweig, Kadam str. 35 entry fee 10. A login is required. Information under: more information: contact IML Institute for mathematical learning Brunswick Diagnostics and therapy of dyscalculia/computing weakness, parent and teacher advice Steinweg 4, 38100 Braunschweig, Tel. 05 31-121 677 50 Internet: E-Mail: play free of charge, two copies to the attention of the IML. (c) Institute for mathematical learning (IML) Brunswick 2007