Argentine Diego Maradona

When becoming inalcaveis celebrities in Deuses you also remove of the public this possibility of being celebrity, and being this a yearning of the same, it goes probably regeitar. Coming back to think about the film, we have the fact that I appeal it public of Skin left its heroic figure for its image of consumption: ' ' The society of established eliminate-modern consumption in the rich part of the planet does not have space for mrtires or heroes, since he mines, disdain and militate against the two values that had unchained its offer and demanda.' ' (BAUMAN, 2007, P. 63) All want to have its 15 minutes of fame, all want to have the things that the actress uses in the novel, all want to have millions of accesses in youtube, all want to be in the media of a form or another one. Being in the media and the mouth of the people is more important of what the form where you arrived there. Read more from blood test to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The hero and mrtir (configured as people basically that if sacrifices for others) are not more interesting because nobody wants more if to sacrifice for nothing and/or to follow a model? since the used form most common nowadays when it is wanted to reach the success is to be different and bold. In the film on the Argentine Diego Maradona ' ' Maradona by Kusturica' ' (of Emir Kusturica, 2008) the director displays its point of view without fear of admitiz it: ' ' Emir Kusturica makes a staff-philosophical set of documents that accepted the player as mito' ' (heading of critical writing for Marcelo Hessel); ' ' Kusturica does not try to explain because, inside of field, Maradona he was God. It already part with this premissa' ' (AUGUST, without date, web page). Accepted it the image of Maradona, does not try nor to create it, nor to hide it.