RICE FORCE RICE FORCE – A Natural Luxurious High-end Skin Care Product

Japanese cosmetics in Europe! The beautifying power of the skin care products of Rice force series is hidden in the compound of rice scientists biologists have created power extract. THE exclusive Japanese cosmetics brand RICE FORCE comes on the German market Prague, 2 September 2013 – the exclusive Japanese cosmetics brand Rice Force is a novelty on the European market. After she was introduced on the European market, it has become popular especially in the United Kingdom, Austria and in the Czech Republic, where you can try out also special cosmetic treatments with this premium brand. Slowly but surely she enjoys among the German customers growing in popularity. The active ingredient of these cosmetic products is a unique extract of rice, which preserved the deep hydration of the skin in the long term. Through the products, the skin becomes clean again and soft and she regains her balance. The Japanese cosmetic brand’s philosophy is based on the tradition, as well as on the extensive knowledge in relation to the rice, in It is where the symbol of longevity and health. The main ingredient for the cosmetic products comes from a family farm, which has a 150 years tradition in the cultivation of rice on the island of Shikoku. By the company, which operates in the area of the original production of the traditional Japanese drink sake, was to focus on rice research as well as to use this national wealth for the production of natural cosmetics decided twenty years ago. This decision is reached the society, after the owner of the company at the Toshi – the Japanese masters who produce sake, has become aware that their skin on the hands remain smooth and youthful daily contact with rice despite their considerable age. The main active ingredient of the rice is Rice Power extract. It is an extract from seeds of the best variety of rice, which has been enriched with lactobacillus, yeast and Aspergillus.


Madrid. 14/09/09. With impatience, nerves and despair. So x-ray from CONAE, the national employer of micro-enterprises and the self-employed, every day in the living plunged the self-employed and micro-enterprises in our country. A live that this organization is tired of denouncing and who wants to put remedy proactively without. One cannot expect more that things resolve themselves and nor, view the response of the Government and other parties, we hope that nobody from outside can solve them us. We must be brave and take measures that although they injuring some benefit to the whole of society, says Salvador Garcia Torrico, its President. And it is that, judging by the panorama of economic crisis, the loss of competitiveness and the threat of tax increases by the Government, CONAE demands a solution prior to the situation not turn blade. The data are devastating: 100. 000 micro-entrepreneurs have had to close their business since beginning of this year, and the situation does not encourage optimism. If This situation is not remedied with direct and effective measures that will help restore liquidity, employment and, as immediate derivative, the revival of consumption this will, in late October, a genuine social and economic disaster stresses Torrico. Moreover, from the National Confederation of self-employed and micro-enterprises, which represents more than 250. 000 self-employed, point out that against all these problems the self-employed and microentrepreneurs have always given face. Situations such as increasing business risk, the decrease of margins (less market/same companies), unfair competition (underground economy), the lack of financing, and unpaid, our response has been, is and will be the raise the different political spokesmen a catalogue of measures of promotion and consolidation of micro-enterprises in Spain for a reason so of weight as the represent 85% of the business census. Measures of impact and effective by all this CONAE never tires of cry out and propose measures that curb this chaotic situation. In fact already have requested a formal meeting with both the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, both to hear them. To them I want to get the measures that we believe will change this terrible scenario business and human.