In search of better living conditions and development many people resort to we mortgage loans for the purchase of a property, whether for houses, local trade or to develop any kind of activity that suggests be owner of a property; This happens because the amount of money that suggests an immovable is a lot and at the moment there is such sum, therefore goes to mortgage loans will deliver a certain amount of money which will be paid within a specified time limit, because with the passage of time quotas of repayment within the established deadline will be paying to cancel the debt acquired with the Bank. How the term can understand possesses great importance within the mortgages, because from this point will generate a large number of consequences that much influence within the life of the mortgage; for this reason in the present article was mentioned in that consist of deadlines in the mortgages and the different aspects that derive from this topic. So the term within mortgages consists in the maximum time that has to perform the full cancellation of the mortgage loan, term to be determined from the beginning of the loan, so deadlines can range from age 10 until age 30 and there are certain types of mortgage that include the term can reach up to 40 years, depending on the conditions of the market and of the characteristics that are present within a mortgage. Deadlines are accompanied by periods of payment of dues of depreciation, which are mainly handled on a monthly basis, so if they are dutifully paid the dues in monthly periods will be perfectly the term. Something worth within the mortgages in relation to the term, it is that from this may determine the amount of interest that must be paid, since the interests are generated because of the passage of time, therefore a greater amount of interest be generated before a longer term for the canceracion of the mortgage loanSince the reason for the interest is not having to available money, in the same way whether time is short the amount of money payable in interest will be lower. The term given to the debtor, will largely depend on economic capacity who possesses this, since if someone has a good economic capacity and solvency you can quickly meet the debt that it assumes the mortgage, so the monthly installments can pay considerable amounts with which the life of the loan will be short; While if the person does not have such a condition to pay high amounts of money every month, the life of the debt will extend much in time which means having to have a longer term for quotas to be low and you can pay them dutifully and not have it be affected by charges. Original author and source of the article