Kings Speech

The King’s speech (The King s Speech) (2010) then the promising John Adams (TV miniseries) and Damned United, the King’s speech consolidates Tom Hooper as a director to follow closely. Despite narrate a moment in the life of Jorge V, the biopic is it cleared to focus his story on universal themes like friendship, self-esteem and lack of confidence. It is a remarkable work in all its aspects, but which, due to its limited emotional range, unable to overcome the barrier that separates the good movies of the great. The film takes place in the moments before World War II and its plot focuses on as Bertie (Colin Firth), younger son of the Jorge V King of England and the Duke of York, is unable to overcome its problems of diction, which prevents not only express themselves properly, but intervene at public events with certain guarantees do not ridicule. Fortunately, it is the second successor to the Crown after his brother David (Guy Pearce). Despite this, with the support of his wife (Helena Bonham Carter), tries to find a specialist who will help you to overcome your problem. Each new attempt is the same as the previous failed and causes a growing frustration in the Duke. When he had already decided to withdraw from its purpose, a day his wife gives with Lionel (Geoffrey Rush), a specialist in unconventional diction why is a movie so distant if it deals with topics that we should feel so close? The problem has two explanations of a very different nature. On the one hand, the very nature of Bertie, royalty, implies hardly table distances by Lionel that alien to the condition of your new customer, tries to avoid them taking him to his land and forcing him to respect its own rules. Nice try, although it is not transferred to the screen in a sufficiently incisive manner as to cause a considerable emotional depth in the spectator. The second problem is the excessive respect that Hooper professes his protagonist character; don’t just give the necessary space to express themselves freely, except in those sequences in which Bertie and Lionel reach the necessary degree of intimacy and have enough time to be able to cement that friendship that the screenplay tries to develop in a credible manner. Nevertheless, the King’s speech is a thrilling film, which deals with humans, like friendship and self-esteem feelings, and does so with great sensitivity. Collaterally, deals with the differences between people belonging to different social strata, such as their family life, their social life, etc. Hooper made a good slaughter, although don’t just finish it. Recommended, although not to compete for the best film of the year award as many media want us to believe. You can see more about this and other films on the blog of criticism from film BandejadePlata.

Greek Island

Rethymno is one of the most beautiful and romantic of the Greek cities. The city is located on the island of Crete and is the capital of the same name with him nome. (Nom – territorial unit of the island). The city is small, but nevertheless Rethymnon is a cultural and scientific capital of the island. Town was founded in ancient times, but to this day the ancient buildings have not survived. Rethymno Acropolis with magnificent temple of Artemis was located in the Venetian fortress, which now dominates the old part of the island. Rethymno shared the fate of the Cretan cities. In the Hellenistic period the city is often at war with its neighbors, mainly against the mighty Knossos. C the arrival of the Romans in Crete, the island is at peace and serenity that is naturally a very positive impact on Rethymnon. The city became one of the most important commercial cities on the island, enjoyed a certain degree of autonomy and even minted its own coins. After the division of the Roman Empire into eastern and western parts of Rethymnon became part of the eastern part is Byzantium. Information about the history of this period is extremely scanty. As part of the Byzantine Empire Rethymno was until 1204, while the city did not get possession of the Republic of Venice as a trophy after the fourth crusade. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman port out into the Aegean Sea and over Crete threatened invasion by Turkish forces. The Venetians started a comprehensive program on the island for the modernization of fortifications. In Rethymnon, the program has been updated walls, as well as erected a fortress. I must say that quite inept Venetians surrendered the fortress and the town of Rethymno Turks. In 1646, when the Turkish army approached the walls of Rethymnon, the commandant of the fortress held that the defense is meaningless and preferred to surrender to the enemy. For comparison, a nearby Irakleon held more than 20 years.