Sjogrens Syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is a very serious disease, that people ncesitamos be under surveillance medical, needs to be under the supervision of a rheumatologist’s preference, but if you are being treated, and following the instructions of your doctor… This disease be assured that not ended with his life… The vast majority of people with Sjogren’s syndrome live a long and productive life can lead a normal life, like any person who does not have the disease. Be diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome does not mean that our life has come to an end. Although our quality of life may be affected, it is also very true that we can find the best way to deal with this disease, and not allow us expires and that it dominates our lives. We know and we are aware that there is no cure yet to definitively eradicate Sjogren’s syndrome, but also know that we have several options to find the best way to work on the reduction of our symptoms, make our symptoms better and prevent serious complications. We know that the primary Sjogren’s syndrome symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth, but also know that complications can occur that also can affect other parts of our body, such as the lungs, kidneys, liver, thyroid among others but one of the most complicated would be the linfomam is not very common but there have been cases. The best we can do is try to lead a normal life, like any person with the care necesariios, to avoid complications, a healthy diet and exercising according to our possibilities, it is good to start der a moderate way and gradually go aumenando the intensity of the exercises, or you begin to walk about 15 minutes and gradually increase 5 minutes more each week.