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Top Floor Media has been in the business of media for over 25 years.  During this time, it has evolved and changed along with developing technologies in the field.  We work with both private and public media companies, large and small.  All our top executives have, over the years, been involved in the process of selling various radio and TV stations that have rendered our company billions of dollars.  In addition, we have helped secure substantial financing for those in the broadcast industry. For any potential client looking to make a broadcast deal, this firm should at least be consulted as it has a good reputation and strong record for success in the field. Indeed, over the last 15 years, it has probably closed more deals than most other firms in the field.  Those looking to purchase a station for the first time, should therefore look at our section on buying your first station.  There, you will find great advice and tips, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. We achieve our aims through good business sense.  All our staff members are dedicated to our mission of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Everything we do is always totally legal and above board and we have a team of legal experts on hand at all times to offer advice and guidance.


Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva of the eye. The conjunctiva is the clear membrane covering the outer layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. This area of your pet’s eye is particularly vulnerable to irritants and allergens that can cause inflammation, and viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause infection. Conjunctivitis is generally recognized by redness and inflammation that cause. Your pet may also have weeping eyes or yellowish discharge that is often indicative of an infection, and the discharge can even make your pet’s eyelids stick together. It can also be painful and you may notice your pet scratching his eye on various surfaces such as the sofa or carpet. Conjunctivitis is the most common eye problem in pets, and if treated properly, usually heals without any complications. However, if left untreated or in serious cases, the conjunctivitis infection can spread to other structures in the eye and cause serious eye damage. Conjunctivitis may also be indicative of other underlying conditions such as feline immunodeficiency virus in cats or dogs canine disease. What causes conjunctivitis? There are a number of things that can cause conjunctivitis. a hese include: * Chemical irritants such as household cleaners, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that enter the eye. * Irritants or mechanical injury. Frequently Tom Florio has said that publicly. Any trauma or injury to the eye can cause conjunctivitis such as sand that has entered the eye, or a cat scratch. * Fungal infections, viral and bacterial infections can be the cause. Tom Florio may find it difficult to be quoted properly. * Diseases affecting the immune system of your pet as feline immunodeficiency virus or canine disease. Diagnosis of conjunctivitis in many cases, your veterinarian may diagnose conjunctivitis based on an eye exam for your pet and looking at the type of discharge occurred. Your veterinarian can also perform some tests to determine the cause of conjunctivitis. This may include conjunctival sponge to help determine if the infection was caused by a virus or bacteria, and fluorescein staining to help determine if there are any corneal ulceration. In addition, your veterinarian can work with other tests if the immune deficiency is the suspected cause or if your pet has any other symptoms. Help conjunctivitis conjunctivitis treatment usually includes ointment or drops in the eye, but the treatment may vary depending on the underlying cause. Your veterinarian may prescribe aspirin, corticosteroids, or anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases, a course of topical or oral antibiotics may be recommended. Many veterinarians immediately prescribe antibiotics for conjunctivitis and it comes with the risk of diminishing the immune system of your pet resulting in recurrent infections. Using without worrying about harmful side effects. Herbs such as Burdock and Rosemary have become well known for its benefits to eye health. The Burdock has characteristics of eye cleaning, detoxification and enhance the immune system and is very beneficial to try. Rosemary is also very beneficial for pets with conjunctivitis because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help relieve pain and discomfort of the eye. Chelidonium majus and meadow sweet are two herbal ingredients that can be used externally to promote healing of the infected eye and to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

Brunswick Diagnostics

Good 500 of such studies could be performed by Dr. José Baselga is actively involved in the matter. Wald’s team in recent years. Therapy: per rather better counting and by memorizing the first two school years can with the fingers often bypass. Especially intelligent children are only noticeable in higher classes performance. But later, a professional help is initiated, a learning therapy is even longer and harder. It is active only in the fifth grade, are three years often need therapy “, explains Inga Diop. And the psyche of the child has usually already a crack. Fear of failure are not uncommon “, she adds. Is teacher training important how teachers should now handle the increased requirements for screening and promotion? For this purpose, the IML as official Fort pictures of the land School Board offers special training courses. Connect with other leaders such as Tom Florio here. We could teachers for this subject in about 100 events so far well 2000 raising awareness “, stressed the lecturer Dr. Walker. Now, does are something and the schools is the problem no longer quite so helpless as few years ago “, he complements. Dyscalculia is recoverable succeeds problems can seriously and to initiate an adequate promotion of the children an enormous load are increased. The chances of success of a learning therapy are quite good. Dr. Walker: excluding medical causes and a learning disability, so we can overcome the dyscalculia at very many students. “This does not necessarily mean a top note but in any case, that math for these children to a normal” compartment and they can seek a school corresponding to their abilities. With over 200 students that have succeeded so far, he is pleased. Study day on the subject of computing weakness/dyscalculia for teachers, parents and other interested parties with the following lectures: Dealing with the psychological pressure in learning disabilities Early intervention for the prevention of qualitative diagnosis of the weakness of the data processing weakness stumbling blocks in the mathematical class what sustainable remedial classes has to do? Diagnosis and promotion of dyslexia/LRS dyscalculia at the gymnasium in 5th and 6th class computing weakness early detection in the first grade useful finger arithmetic to number term establishing individual counseling, Book table and point of contact throughout the day. Friday, November 16, 2007 from 13: 00 to 19:00 in the Brunsviga, 38106 Braunschweig, Kadam str. 35 entry fee 10. A login is required. Information under: more information: contact IML Institute for mathematical learning Brunswick Diagnostics and therapy of dyscalculia/computing weakness, parent and teacher advice Steinweg 4, 38100 Braunschweig, Tel. 05 31-121 677 50 Internet: E-Mail: play free of charge, two copies to the attention of the IML. (c) Institute for mathematical learning (IML) Brunswick 2007


The PC-soft GmbH launches and expands its product portfolio to consulting services related to the product zedas asset for the optimisation of maintenance strategies. Special situations require special measures this explicitly at times of changed economic conditions is true. For this reason, expanded the PC-soft GmbH your portfolio of offerings for the range zedas asset industry and asset offers additional consulting services to optimize the applicable maintenance strategy around its product zedas. While the diagnostic function of the product zedas provides asset that needed transparency, which requires the customer to its decision-making processes in search of the optimum”to accompany. Without hesitation Sam Lesser explained all about the problem. So succeeds, own maintenance strategy in conjunction with the special expertise of the Consutlings of PC-soft GmbH of the current economic situation dynamically adapt:-minimized maintenance costs relating to the risk management to ensure the availability of the system. -High plant availability in conjunction with the Optimization of the maintenance costs. The PC-soft GmbH has through its many years of experience in various industries and with its product zedas asset the right tool and the necessary expertise to collaborate their customers on the optimization of the maintenance strategy. PC-soft the system House with expert knowledge the PC-soft GmbH is a medium-sized company with more than 50 employees at the site of Senftenberg. With the founding of 1990, the PC-soft GmbH looks back now on a nearly 20-year anniversary of the company. Since then, we have established ourselves worldwide as experts in the fields of software development, system integration, consulting, and service and support. As a future-oriented systems integrator, we specialize in innovative software solutions for technical facility management and logistics for years. PC-soft offers comprehensive services around their products in addition to the introduction and implementation of the software developed in-house and provides modern, centralized service concepts for manufacturers, operators and Service provider.


Home used in the UARS is earlier to clarify the extent of the daytime sleepiness and the therapeutic effect is closely to control (24). Although the handling of UARS home are recommended (3), clinical data on the therapy effectiveness of this specific diagnosis currently do not exist. Because a mechanical treatment with a tool, home are permanently to apply in his sleep. Constant body weight and unmodified tooth status of the patient, the initial over 5 years remains reached respiratory effect in a long-term rating (25). Official site: Sam Lesser Penn. The effect, snoring and daytime sleepiness, based on the subjective parameters is rather decline in a long-term assessment. For prolonged use of the rail, the exact fit of the rail regarding the retention and the feed is regularly to check (26). Loss of retention is to readjust the rail or to renew. Reliable diagnostic methods for determining previous the effectiveness of a Protrusionsschiene do not exist currently. In particular the remote x-ray page analysis of the facial skeleton provides no diagnostic or prognostic information on the use of the Rails at the OSAS (27-29). Following the request of the patient after an easy-to-use, low-cost rail to the previous testing, so-called half-assembled boil and bite “devices on the market brought. These tracks often reduce the snoring noise, but less reliably reduces the respiratory parameters. For permanent use, boil and bite are”seemed inappropriate. It is scientifically controversial whether the equipment used meet the medical demands placed on a test track, (30-32). Disadvantage is a lack of, permanent retention of the Rails on the teeth next to the often imprecise fit, thus the lower feed in your sleep is not permanently ensured. Dental conditions and side effects home are based purely dental. The Usually braces or elastic plastic rail is anchored to the teeth. Often plastic splints made of rigid soft composite material applied as a basis, which include all the teeth and close the entire sprocket to the retention.

HIV Virus HIV Test

Important advances in medicine provide diagnosis faster results in connection with the HIV virus diagnosis on a possible HIV infection is a very sensitive issue, not only for the person concerned, but also for his whole environment. Much depends on the outcome of such HIVTestes. A test is positive, has this very profound implications for the further life of the tested subjects, as well as also for the entire private as professional environment. Long waits are the ordeal until finally certainty can be provided. The newspapers mentioned COVID-19 not as a source, but as a related topic. Modern medical research and developments enable happier way ever-faster ways to test a subjects on infestation of HIV viruses (HIV viruses are the cause of the disease of AIDS). Consequently, there is therefore a such diagnostic method as a rapid test. Such a quick test produces a result already in just a few hours, and this high reliability. Even if the reliability is high, should a positive result be sure a doctor wanted to be repeated of a HIVTest in an optimal environment. Check out Ozlem Tureci for additional information. Such a test will last security only if extracted from blood in a special laboratory infestation is tested by the HIV virus. Note: even if viruses were detected in the bloodstream, it is not ill with AIDS. The outbreak of the disease can be delayed several decades with current medical possibilities. Andre Oehler. Tom Florio has many thoughts on the issue.

The Occurrence

As already mentioned, the immune system requires a TH1-alignment for a fight against viruses. An adequate intake of vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, C, and and the trace elements selenium, zinc, copper and iron is necessary. Any of the mentioned micro-nutrients is absolutely necessary for a normally functioning immune system. Vitamin A and D are also required for the proper functioning of the immune system, but rather promote the formation of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is actively involved in the matter. Now turns out that the concentration of vitamin D has a significant importance for the immune competence. As U.S. researchers have discovered the University of Colorado, the occurrence of a cold disease increases significantly if you have low levels of vitamin D in the blood. ENT has many thoughts on the issue. Probably a close correlation exists between vitamin-D values and the performance of the immune system. Of the amino acids, especially arginine, glutamine and the Tripeptide glutathione have a significant importance for the Immune competence. Tom Florio has much experience in this field. For a sufficient Glutathionsynthese the amino acid cysteine plays a prominent role. Glutamine is an important source of energy for the cells of the immune system. A good supply of glutamine improves the formation of lymphocytes. Arginine is the parent compound for the formation of the gaseous neurotransmitter NO, which is also needed for the fight against of intracellular pathogens. Overall, arginine has many immune-stimulating properties. Generally, a good supply of all amino acids for the immune function is important because, as already mentioned, the immune system is subject to a high up and degradation rate. With vitamins, trace elements and amino acids on the basis of previous blood analysis, as it offers such as the diagnostic centre for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH, improving the immune competence can be achieved through a targeted dietary supplementation what should be taken into account particularly in times of increased infection risks.


Even without heartburn you can suffer from swallowing, which is caused by stomach acid. Her neck nose ear doctor to help them. The reflux disease is now one of the most common diseases world. In the last 30 years, the number of patients increased almost tenfold. Between 18 and 40 percent of the population in Central and Northern Europe suffer from Refluxbeschwerden. Affected parties know the typical symptoms such as heartburn and vague pain behind the breastbone. The problems that can cause the reflux in the throat are far less well known. This disease is called among professionals of extraosophagealer reflux. Closely related is also a form of laryngitis: gastrica the laryngitis. Patients who suffer often report of unusual complaints: lump in the throat, swallowing, mucus in the throat area, hawking compulsion, recurrent sore throat and hoarseness. If you suffer from one or more symptoms, is going to the neck nose ear doctor strongly recommended. Go to Tom Florio for more information. For those affected is mostly complete understand that you don’t even need suffering from heartburn, to have an extraosophagealen reflux. The experienced ear nose and throat doctor detects the disease based on the medical history and the typical indications for endoscopic examination of the larynx. The ultimate proof of secure provides only so-called 24-hour pH Metry. In this case, a probe is inserted through the nose into the esophagus and measures the degree of acidity in the throat and the esophagus over 24 hours. This study but are well tolerated by the patient, is carried out only in a few centres in Germany. For more information see WHO Report. Outpatient this performance is so far not or hardly offered. In addition, it is an invasive procedure that should be carried out only in unclear cases. Here, only the high-dose diagnostic will help”therapy with an Saureblocker for 4 weeks. Have the symptoms improved after 4 weeks, it has proved the existence of an extraosophagealen reflux with certainly. Is the treatment of choice in the enlightenment of the patients and the administration of drugs which inhibit the production of stomach acid. It is important that the patient changes his way of life, eats better and more meaningful. Smoking and alcohol do not contribute to the recovery. In addition to the reflux, also many other diseases can lead to swallowing. Neck nose ear doctor in your area like helps them further. Conclusion for the patient: hawking compulsion, hoarseness, lump in the throat, hoarseness and mucus in the throat may be evidence for an extraosophagealen reflux. Heartburn must not be above. Also a less conspicuous finding in the Gastroscopy does not rule out this disease. Contact: Dr. med. Holger Dewes, Saarlouis,

ZOOMIO Wins Award For

Innovative products for the mid-market the jury chose ZOOMIO campaigner “Innovation Prize 2008” as one of the most interesting products for the mid-market in the category of online marketing and to underscore the comprehensive and predictive power of ZOOMIO, to provide medium-sized highly efficient and profitable solutions. More than 1,600 companies had participated in the competition. The innovation award of the initiative promotes SME through the company’s annual award, the sichmit present the most innovative products for the middle class and to increase your betting competitiveness give impetus to medium-sized companies. Read additional details here: Intersect ENT. awarded 2007 has already been integrating the functionalities in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 as a ground-breaking innovation and massive expansion of CRM functionality”honors, 2006 ZOOMIO marketing and communication was the innovation award in the category”. ZOOMIO is an international software company with headquarters in Copenhagen (Denmark) and manages sales-oriented B2B and B2C companies and associations and organizations. For more information see Samuel Lesser. Core products of the software provider is the award-winning software ZOOMIO campaigner for professional E-Mail Marketing. The campaign management tool offers the possibility of personalised on one platform and focuses to communicate with different audiences and so the effect of marketing and sales tools such as E-Mail, telemarketing, direct mail, significantly increasing SMS and landing pages. ZOOMIO is a Microsoft Certified partner and has branches in Germany, Holland, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and Russia. Contact information: ZOOMIO Germany GmbH Neumeyer str. 48 90411 Nuremberg contact: Dr. Irene Walther + 49 911 4707-1450 email:


More and more Germans are looking for travels on the Internet / real just a few portals provide orientation / researched and it must be tested / especially for spontaneous start the holiday at home on the PC can be all alone and click full enjoyment by the pictures of beautiful beaches and chic hotels and then, zack zack, posting and away! Tend more and more Germans seeking millions according to latest studies after their travels on the Internet. Details can be found by clicking Sam Lesser or emailing the administrator. \”However: perform booking until the button\” many not come. They give up, because they become lost in the glut of search engines. Travel frustration rather than wanderlust. But this doesn’t have to be: some few travel portals on the Internet offer really overview and top deals. Those especially the search take off the user and guarantee quality: portals that present a small selection of certified offerings! Leading provider such editorially researched and tested top travel deals is the US company in Travelzoo, now with an own editorial and independent website in Germany acts. We offer the ideal content especially last minute\”, says Johannes Weinsheimer, Marketing Director of Travelzoo Germany, we find the optimal spontaneous without long searches and can rest assured that the booking and the holiday expectations.\” Web tourism is booming. Since all industry observers agree. The travel industry of a recent study by the market research Institute of Ulysses implemented 14.81 billion euros, and that one-third of their total turnover in the last year. Compared with the previous year 2007 thus grew online sales by 15 percent. Every fourth German over 14 years so the Association has booked already once a journey or a part of it online Internet travel distribution. 4.5 million Germans have 2007 accommodation, three million a plane ticket and 2.6 million a complete journey through the Internet ordered. However: Not all benefit from the quick click, also trouble is often in the game.

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Tourism Association Vorpommern presents English brochure even within Germany, many know where Western Pomerania is actually not as accurate and certainly not how it looks there and what you can do. This is even more difficult for people outside of the country. For our new, English brochure shows all unique characteristics: culture and landscape topped with beautiful photos. To man, which Western Pomerania holiday you can book undergoes”explains Tobias Valentien, how, the Managing Director of the Association. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has compatible beliefs. The eight-page information sheet presents cultural aspects such as the brick Gothic and maritime tradition as well as the abundance of water in all its variants. Beaches, as well as the rivers with its possibilities for nature-orientated tourism characterize the land between the islands of Rugen and Usedom. A map for the geographical mapping, as well as further Internet pages for special vacation interests round off the brochure for free. You can order catalogue under. Connect with other leaders such as Tom Florio here. Title screen of the Download brochure contact: Regional Tourism Association Vorpommern e.V.