Ukrainian Seafood

But fugu fish – only holders of strong nerves, but also gourmets (really, they say, is delicious). If this wrong to cut the fish, then from the tissues contained in its venom can kill a man instantly, and when to cut correctly – that of serving this fish in consumer must remain a pleasant feeling of euphoria. Therefore, only specially prepared fugu chefs licensed guru. And if, God forbid, happens to be a fatal mistake, cook immediately makes his hara-kiri. GLOSSARY Gourmet should be noted that Japanese cuisine is famous not only for his virtuosity chef, but also the presence of philosophical thought, reward, many dishes are unusual and beautiful names. For example, fried cuttlefish called 'Pine cones' meat on the foil -' Silver boat ', the dishes of chicken and eggs – "Fathers and Sons'. Of course, all these complicated names we do not remember, but some of the basic culinary terminology, know can not hurt. Sushi (sushi) – a dish of special glutinous rice and seafood or fish.

There is a subspecies of it: nigiri – a ball of rice, which is a piece of fish fillet, seafood, eggs or omelets; poppies – wrapped in nori (seaweed paper from) roll out rice with slices of fillet of fish (tuna, salmon) or ovoshey. Our countrymen have come up with Ukrainian adaptation of sushi: tuna instead of herring fillets are used, and instead of seafood – crab sticks. Miso – soup (soup base) of viscous mass of soy sauce with the addition of yeast.