Toyota Camry

It is therefore necessary when changing the oil and replace filter. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit primary tumors. Let us consider in more detail the process of replacing oil. Unscrew the drain plug from the crankcase. There is few points on which I would like to highlight. First, you need to figure out that if you remove the cork, since confuse the drain plug crankcase with crankcase drain plug automatic transmission with transverse engine (eg, Toyota Camry) is very simple. Then, when you "would undermine the" plug and it starts to rotate from the efforts of his hands, substitute any small dish, to collect it first drops of oil. And as soon as they become available, immediately discontinue unscrew this cap, or when the oil sharply gush, you and your flatware will be, at least to the elbow in the butter. When the drops of 10-20 fall, clean up your dishes and fine twist the plug until the end.

And in that moment when you twist it, press down tube to the crankcase, and before you catch your fingers, try to draw back the tube sharply down and away: maybe she had to unscrew, and the openings immediately gush hot jet oil. If you do not adhere to these rules, then hands you will be doused with oil, and cork can fly away somewhere (when a sudden gush oil, you can draw back the hand trajectory "Flight" tube is the most incredible). And here is a secret. When to complete unscrewing closures (screw) will remain 2.3 turn (turnover), bind to the drain plug a piece of string and wind several turns of thread.