Throat Pain

You should not run itself! You are concerned about the sharp and severe pain in the throat? Particularly acute when swallowing? Weakness, headache, increased lymph nodes, fever? Most likely, you have a sore throat! You can independently examine your throat, it is necessary to look into the wide-open mouth. In its depth, on either side of a small reed, see the palatine tonsils. Read more here: Dr. Scott Atlas. Their size, which may be increased, not critical to assess their condition, but it may indicate inflammation within the body. At the tonsils may be pustules or patches of pus accumulation. Angina, as well as many other diseases, terrible complications. Most dangerous of them are: the formation of large areas with pus, the poisoning of the body products of vital activity of microbes, the spread of infection in the chest, the cranial cavity, blood poisoning. Just this disease can lead to later dates to rheumatic fever and inflammation of the kidneys. Consequently, it is very important is the ability to promptly begin treatment, but these days do not always have time for it.

Many of us are used to transfer "Sores on their feet," a blind eye to sickness and to see a doctor only in the most recent time when the disease is already fully occupied by the body. Angina can not run, you can always find a way and time in busy schedule for your health. In this case, may help people's treatment of angina. They will not take much time, but will protect you from possible complications.