The Responsibility

Dindo then decided to assume the responsibility for the godson, being started to control it, to educate it, to feed it, paying to doctors and psycotherapy. In such a way, the school if sensetized not more with the boy, looking at for it as a transgressor me the nature, but yes as somebody accustomed negligence and with street experiences, that for consequence, not wise person as to adapt the rules and routines of a school. From this the SPE carries through a special attention with the boy, always talking with it and offering the aconselhamento, that according to Scheefer (1991), it aims at to help to decide its educational problems. For knowing that it is somebody that never had limits and that it is feeling the limits for the first time and the care of an institution and the limits and the care of a familiar one we have more tolerance before becoming it focus of the problems, thus, the professors changes its position facing the case as a boy who he is being rescued of a future pssimo, that it is the world of the violence, the world of the street children, and the school then obtains to feel itself assumeing its role to educate for the life. This in case that it reflects distanciamento between world pertaining to school and world of young, that through the listening of the SPE, can provide a look that was not only of student (indisciplinado), but yes of a person as a whole. Aquino (2005) remembers that where will always have norms she will have burlas, this means that the trespass of definitive norms can be considered previsible and even though healthful. In case that contrary, the necessity of norms would not exist, therefore if already the rules of good convivncia and behavior and it were internalizadas in the pupil understood the reason of them, it would not have necessity of burlas therefore would be part of the world of the young and of this form it would be natural to respect them. .