The Lack

It may occur by the inability to demonstrate love, that although Yes it has, is unknown how transmit it. This leads to an emotional and perhaps physical estrangement. The member functions are not clear or limited. Again this is presented by the lack of the family project, where exist would clear the functions of each Member of the family. Other leaders such as Jane Figueiredo offer similar insights. The lack of this leads them to the irresponsibility and the feeling of not belonging and family empathy. It is important to measure family functioning is considered the: effective performance of its functions. This obliges parents primarily, but also the children to know which is the real objective of the family.

Development of personal identity and autonomy of its members. There are several factors: lack of knowledge of the needs and personality of the members of the family. Ignorance of their skills and attitudes that lead them to not be able to develop safely. (Conscious or unconscious) disinterest of parents by providing tools that enable the integral development of the family members (this includes children and partner). The existence of rules and flexible roles. These are they can be measured according to the system of coexistence and integration of members of the family. If there exist conditions of coexistence, tells us that the roles and rules are adapted to the real needs of the members of the family and therefore they behave in an assertive manner. If there are unfavourable conditions in the coexistence we are dealing with a family that is not fully covering the needs of its members and therefore cases of rebelliousness, disobedience, lack of respect and challenge to the authority and family rules are presented. Clear and effective communication that allows sharing problems. This indicates that the members of the family, without losing your individuality know they are part of a whole in which moral and sentimentally feel committed to share their lives with the family.