The Fear

Thus it is; the fear is the instrument that derail our intentions and the one that makes us be mistaken at the time of choosing the correct election. And not only it is the evil use that we do of him; also it is the instrument that uses the others towards us, which happens from all the instances. I have seen the fear in a subject that I know too much well: the sexual abuses in the childhood. That fear paralyzed that us in the childhood and that slid until adult stage to extend and to control our existence. Sam Lesser Upenn may also support this cause. It can seem that I show preference for a somewhat extreme example, but in fact the operation is always the same, by terrible that is the circumstances in which it operates the fear. When the destiny stops being in your hands excuses dressed type arguments yet appear not to do what there is to do. From the questions arise there like: Why I am going to speak now than it happened in my childhood? He is better (more comfortable) to always maintain for the secret. Thus we were avoided to give no explanation. Filed under: uterine sarcoma.

But the correct answer is not that; the advisable thing is to speak because that will be what is going to benefit to us. Perhaps not of an immediate way, but the best things of our life require their time. What prevents us then to do the suitable thing? The fear. And excuse that adorns type of arguments hide-and-seek yet that fear can be, for example, the pain that we would cause to the others, when in fact, than treats at heart is of the fear that produces to us to face us our reality and that this one is well-known by all. Please visit Methylation Profiling if you seek more information. The pain exists, we know it well, and it is not our obligation to free of the pain all the humanity.