The Baby And Birth

etc. etc. etc. … In the details we will find answers, and our strength in these responses.

Once we relived every detail, we know that we want to change things that we do not want things to be equal, we will inform us as much information as we can. Let's find people who are in favor of our decision and respect us. Later we will have all the tools to decide and make decisions wisely. But the most important decision is to accept that we CAN give birth, knowing our bodies, listening, following and respecting it, knowing that women were born to give birth, knowing that our body is prepared, to gestate, to pass the labor and survive and the baby leave our body because our bones, tendons, muscles work together to help the baby out. For in us is the ancient wisdom of millions of women who have given birth naturally. Bearing in mind that if women are healthy and a healthy baby, no conditions us to give birth.

When speaking of myths … there are many, such as: not dilated, the baby did not come down, you have small hips … among the most streamed. Not long because you were surrounded by strangers, with noises that allowed you to relax or concentrate, because you could not walk, move as needed, perhaps, because the lights were so strong that bother you, perhaps because nobody asked for an explanation and gave them and that scared you … not low because the baby was not ready for download, because I needed you can accommodate you otherwise and you could not do, perhaps because induced labor when we could still expect a bit more to be triggered only, small hips …