The Age

Also need to his parents, is unclear, but the emotional bond between a baby and his mother, especially during the first two years of life is so strong, and the need for children living with their mothers so great, that we should stop a moment and think about future with coherence them we are giving our children. This future is in jeopardy if our children are intended to force a link with a nanny or carers of nursery, rather than enjoy the warm embrace of mother who gives you all the security you need to grow up happy, if we are forcing them to fall asleep alone at a very early age and when they are not prepared to do so, following the guidelines of some that another psychologist which probably not is has questioned the humanity and the needs of babies, when in reality would prefer that we acunaramos them and amamantaramos to reconcile that dream until they were prepared to do it alone if we think a little, this age is not under the age of two, sometimes even of the three-, if intended to be silent and to make them wait for the so-called minimum of attention that make us because we, as parents, we are too busy with our work, our social life, our House, our purchases and our various interests, but, and what about our children? It is clear that we are all people and when we got so tired of working, we want to find us with a child already bathed and changed by the carer and relaxed very willing to hear our story without any interruption and to fall asleep peacefully he alone, and beware of waking up at night because I will let you cry so that you learn to sleep without assistance. Official site: COVID-19 pandemic. Us then we would leave to rest satisfied with our work of parents and proud of as well that are doing it. .