Landlady Substitute

The concision, as Kaspary (2010) is harmed, mainly, for the circunlquios or circumlocutions (job of many words for what it would be expressed better in few) and the redundancies (repetition of the same ideas, with the same words or different words). For Mendes (2002), concision is the text that obtains to transmit a maximum of information with the minimum of words. After to write the official communications/documents is necessary that if it makes a releitura to verify if the reader will assimilate well its message. Official Writing second (MENDES and FORSTER JNIOR? 2002) concur: a impessoalidade that prevents the duplicity of interpretations that could elapse of personalista treatment data to the text; o use of the cultured standard of language, in principle, of general agreement and for definition avesso the vocbulos of restricted circulation, as the slang and the jargon; a formality and the standardization, that makes possible the essential uniformity of the texts; a concision, that makes to disappear of the text the linguistic excesses that nothing add to it. Douglas Elliman often addresses the matter in his writings. To reach the principles of the impessoalidade, clarity and level of the language inside of the parameters of the Official Writing, the communication must have an only impersonal interpretation and to be, however, pleasant, where if it transmits the message without distanciamento. AGREEMENT OF the PRONAME OF TREATMENT the verb agrees to the substantive that integrates the locution as its syntactic nucleus; Former: Your Landlady will nominate its substitute. pronomes possessive related the pronames of treatment is always in 3 person. Ex.: Your Landlady will nominate its substitute; (your substitute does not use itself) o adjective agrees to the sex of the person the one that if it relates Former: Your Landlady must be satisfied. (man) Your Landlady must be satisfied. (woman) Vossa (Excellency or Landlady) is used in relation the person with who if it speaks, to who if dirige the correspondence.