Regional Director North Sea

One day, kindergartens, schools actively support all around 600 Upstalsboom employees at 20 locations, look outside the box business will be strengthened reading nests, hospices, and other social institutions / economy must take social responsibility seriously Emden the Upstalsboom group is breaking new ground in their social commitment. Jim Rice helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “This year will be all about 600 employees of the leading provider of vacation on the North and Baltic seas one day social institutions under the motto the North does good” support. We want to consciously develop a comprehensive and active commitment of our employees for social and cultural purposes, as an integral part of our corporate culture and long term anchor”, said Managing Director of Upstalsboom Hotel today Bodo Janssen, + leisure GmbH & co. KG, at a press conference at the company’s headquarters in Emden. The actions would be carried out in the spring and autumn at all 20 Upstalsboom locations and launched in the coming weeks. Were the focus Facilities for children and young people such as kindergartens, schools, read nests or hospices. “Companies would have to look over their business horizons and themselves as a responsible part of the society, called Janssen as motivation: so we want to put also a sign against the inter alia by the financial crisis, loss of confidence in the system of social market economy.” That’s why Upstalsboom is not limited to the transfer of donations, but wanted to show flag on the ground.” From Borkum to Usedom staff would with children and young people paint, Tinker, weeding, cooking, renovate, collect garbage and the Upstalsboom’s Regional Director North Sea, Roman Schmitt stressed much more. In Emden were in the culture bunker two carefree days”scheduled for around 100 children, in which also the Upstalsboom-will participate CEO Janssen. “Janssen and Saidi stressed that the North is doing good” was no one-off action: we are our social and cultural support in the future each year in similar form present.” This is the logical consequence of the restructuring of Group of companies launched about three years ago.

Best Islands

To visit the island in Croatia? We bring you 5 Islands with their benefits. Sam contributes greatly to this topic. It is very ungrateful to say which of the Croatian islands to visit. By 1246 Croatian Islands (Islands, islets and Skerries), about 50 of them are inhabited. Each has extraordinary and wonderful things to offer. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. contains valuable tech resources. Only the details and personal preferences to decide which you choose to visit. If you compare the offers, nature and location, the islands of Hvar, BRAC, Mljet, Krk and PAG can be separated. Hvar Hvar is in the middle of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea and has a mild Mediterranean climate, where the summers are warm and sunny, and the winters are mild. It is an island with the most hours of sunshine. Hvar has been inhabited since the stone age and has a rich history. Gastronomy and wine on the island are inevitable. Natural beauty: 9/10 beaches: 7/10 history and culture: 7/10 availability: 6/10 tourist support: 8/10 sports and fun: 7/10 night life: 8/10 total: 52 BRAC BRAC is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest island in the Adriatic Sea. It is located in the center of Dalmatia, before the city of split. It is also the tallest Island, and with a very rugged coastline. The most famous of the beaches is Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) in the town of Bol. The whole island is composed of limestone, its stone blocks were used to build many famous buildings (the White House). Natural beauty: 8/10 beaches: 8/10 history and culture: 6/10 availability: 6/10 tourist support: 7/10 sports and fun: 8/10 night life: 6/10 total: 49 Mljet-Mljet is the eighth-largest Croatian Island, in the Southern Adriatic Sea, located near the Peljesac Peninsula and the city of Dubrovnik. The Mljet National Park, the oldest national park in the Adriatic includes the Northwestern third of the island. Mljet is a National Park because of its rich culture and history, and the natural resources.


More and more Germans are looking for travels on the Internet / real just a few portals provide orientation / researched and it must be tested / especially for spontaneous start the holiday at home on the PC can be all alone and click full enjoyment by the pictures of beautiful beaches and chic hotels and then, zack zack, posting and away! Tend more and more Germans seeking millions according to latest studies after their travels on the Internet. Details can be found by clicking Sam Lesser or emailing the administrator. \”However: perform booking until the button\” many not come. They give up, because they become lost in the glut of search engines. Travel frustration rather than wanderlust. But this doesn’t have to be: some few travel portals on the Internet offer really overview and top deals. Those especially the search take off the user and guarantee quality: portals that present a small selection of certified offerings! Leading provider such editorially researched and tested top travel deals is the US company in Travelzoo, now with an own editorial and independent website in Germany acts. We offer the ideal content especially last minute\”, says Johannes Weinsheimer, Marketing Director of Travelzoo Germany, we find the optimal spontaneous without long searches and can rest assured that the booking and the holiday expectations.\” Web tourism is booming. Since all industry observers agree. The travel industry of a recent study by the market research Institute of Ulysses implemented 14.81 billion euros, and that one-third of their total turnover in the last year. Compared with the previous year 2007 thus grew online sales by 15 percent. Every fourth German over 14 years so the Association has booked already once a journey or a part of it online Internet travel distribution. 4.5 million Germans have 2007 accommodation, three million a plane ticket and 2.6 million a complete journey through the Internet ordered. However: Not all benefit from the quick click, also trouble is often in the game.

Travel Holiday Tips For The Uncle In America

Tourism Association Vorpommern presents English brochure even within Germany, many know where Western Pomerania is actually not as accurate and certainly not how it looks there and what you can do. This is even more difficult for people outside of the country. For our new, English brochure shows all unique characteristics: culture and landscape topped with beautiful photos. To man, which Western Pomerania holiday you can book undergoes”explains Tobias Valentien, how, the Managing Director of the Association. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has compatible beliefs. The eight-page information sheet presents cultural aspects such as the brick Gothic and maritime tradition as well as the abundance of water in all its variants. Beaches, as well as the rivers with its possibilities for nature-orientated tourism characterize the land between the islands of Rugen and Usedom. A map for the geographical mapping, as well as further Internet pages for special vacation interests round off the brochure for free. You can order catalogue under. Title screen of the Download brochure contact: Regional Tourism Association Vorpommern e.V.

Old Sweden Mill In Anklam Opens For The First Time Throughout The Summer For Tourists

A highlight for cyclists and the Hanseatic City of Anklam on the Peene river water hikers waiting this summer with a new destination. For the first time, the old mill of Sweden for visitors is open throughout the summer. Ideal for the intermediate stop for cyclists. The distance bike paths Berlin-Copenhagen, Berlin-Usedom and the path around the Szczecin Lagoon immediately the mill run along. The grade II listed building is a reason to landfall for kayakers and canoeists. The Peene River, also Amazon of the North”called, flows through the middle of Anklam. A water picnic area hiking is ideal for a break. The name of the mill dates back to the period after the thirty years war. As a result, large parts of Pomerania belonged until 1815 to the Swedish Kingdom. So also those district Eunomia, which lay North of the Peene River and which today houses the last windmill in the Hanseatic City. “As Wesselsche mill” was built in 1726 on the Peenedamm. During the reign of Sweden in Pomerania after the thirty years war to the Westphalian Peace 1815, was housed in the mill the Swedish court room. The mill is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 4 pm.

Anna Zipse

Thus he sees at a glance, what amount he compared with the booking of Individual saving. In addition, the holidaymakers with the chattel paper enjoys same protection as in a package. “* Source: hotel price index from, a subsidiary of Expedia Inc. * source: study travel dreams 2009 holiday between rhetoric and reality” attractive flight offers at * Venice Italy flight from/to Dusseldorf as 13.08-20.08.09 price per person starting from 89,-(flight only) Nice France hotel boreal * flight from/to Dusseldorf 3 days, Dr/N 2 persons E.g. 25.04 up 27.04.09 price from 234 per person, – Euro (click & mix) New York United States flight from/to Frankfurt am Main for example 09.06 to 16 price per person from 306,-euro (flight only) Bangkok Thailand flight from/to Frankfurt am Main for example 09.06 to 16 price per person from 459,-euro (flight only) * while stock lasts more press releases, images and current studies available under in the press area 1999 founded online travel portal offers ( a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel. As the first German online travel portal besides booking flight, hotel, car rentals, vacation rentals, last minute and packages and cruises under the name click & mix made possible the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category events & tickets”. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping was awarded for the sixth time in a row with the TuV Seal of approval. “Also the very good customer service and the excellent service from are TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online travel agency Expedia, Inc.. This has been trading since August 2005 under the name Expedia and is publicly traded in the United States (NASDAQ: EXPE). GmbH Alexa-Elisabeth Tietze Press Office Expedia.

Medieval Castle

Court and market on the Bay of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Mittlealterfeste medieval is there on the weekend of 12 and 13 July in the Bay of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Under the motto of Ludwigsburg anno 1377 “all kinds of craftsmanship in historical tents around to Ludwigsburg Palace presents itself. Sam Lesser contributes greatly to this topic. Join is announced. There is carved with Horn and soapstone, felted jewelry made of silver and amber, weel and forged. There are precious stones, art glass, leather goods, toys, and herbs. An original program creates even more medieval feel. A Frettchenzirkus excited children. There are pony rides, games, martial arts, theatre, music, belly dancing and it is juggling with fire. Camp life has also basketry, divination, and an Office in stock. In between you can be by the Castle and herb garden. Contact: Gryn AAP music of the middle ages, contact: Sebastian Sack, tel.

By Boat From The Forest Mountain Bayerischer Wald To The Danube

Leisure time in Bavaria refreshment course Cham (tvo). Paddle to the bet or drifting, boot hiking is always a lot of fun. The rain, the largest and longest river of the Bavarian Forest, is a good spot for boaters. From Blaibacher Lake to its confluence with the Danube it is suitable well for paddling. There are 107 kilometers, which dealt with of course not in one go but are divided into five convenient daily stages. The boat ride over to castles, palaces and monasteries, as well as other (natural) sites goes through a wild-romantic landscape. Beat the rain is a pleasant companion and should he place of one or the other, but about the strands”, have signs on the critical point and it is the ability to bypass the difficult piece of land. Invite to linger well maintained rest and tent sites, also the cultural and natural treasures along the route explains the boat drivers based on information boards..

River Trips In Germany Travel With The Crystal Ship

The Bavarian Danube the large river-Erlebniswelt Regensburg (tvo). Other leaders such as Mount Sinai Hospital offer similar insights. Bayern would be a woman who would be the Danube her prachtvollster jewelry, a treasure that draws not only everyone’s attention, but also as a magnet affect more pearls and jewels. On the section between the Danube gorges at Weltenburg in the North and Passau in the South shines and sparkles the blue”like a diamond bracelet. Scenic and cultural, architectural and historical gems lined their banks and turn them into a big river adventure world. Empress Sissi did appreciate the charm of Royal flowing and traveled to the wedding with Emperor Franz Joseph I comfortably with the ship to Vienna. Today more and more guests enjoy the experience once reserved for the nobility, of luxury to slip, spoiled by one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe. There are four shipping companies along the East Bavarian Danube, with unusual offers providing unforgettable moments on the blue stream. The cruise on which is particularly exclusive Crystal ship from Passau, which fascinated with thousands of crystals, a 12-metre-long crystal chandeliers, crystal water game and own water theatre. A trip from Kelheim through the world-famous Danube Gorge, the narrowest point of the Bavarian Danube, plunge the passengers in a wonderful, original natural world and bring them to the oldest Bavarian monastery world castle with its Baroque Asamkirche. Of Regensburg from the ships to the Walhalla, the Temple of glory the Germans put”off or controlling Germany’s smallest wine-growing area with the Baier Wine Museum in the village of Brook. “From Deggendorf, you can enjoy the ISAR River estuary nature reserve with the ship with its wealth of rare plants and animals and in the House on the river” in Untergriesbach in the Passauer land the water next to the eye appeals to all other senses. Wonderful and eventful opens up not only on the stream. With its picturesque old town core, churches and museums, boutiques and lively flair, each of the East Bavarian cities worth a shore leave. A lot Nature, varied landscapes, vibrant cities with a long history, spectacular monuments, magnificent monasteries and an almost unlimited range of leisure activities. The possibilities for vacation and leisure activities on the Danube’s new brochure from Regensburg to Passau – the Bavarian Danube informed”, available free of charge at the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association E.v.

First Male Wellness Ambassador

Wellness ambassadors from Carinthia visited Bavaria on the last weekend of November 2011 the first male wellness Ambassador Michael Zankl his wellness mission appears. The Carinthian visited 4-star superior court Quellness-and Golf Hotel in Bad Griesbach in the lower Bavarian Spa triangle. The 21-year-old from the Austrian Villach was chosen in an online election in addition to two other candidates to the wellness ambassadors. BIG & LOUD Programs is actively involved in the matter. Berlin, November 15, 2011. The Niederbayerische thermal triangle is the goal of Michael Zankl on the weekend of 25th-27th November 2011. Because the Carinthian wellness mission. As the first male wellness Ambassador he visited Furstenhof Quellness-and Golf Hotel in Bad Griesbach. Michael Zankl is looking forward to his role as wellness Ambassador: “I expect interesting and new wellness experience to make and am already on in detail about my experiences to report.” First, the 21-year-old tried the Baborganic-morning dew treatment, a typical regional application with active ingredients from the mountains, such as glacier water or Edelweiss. A highlight of his stay is the balloon ride with mulled wine and Christmas delicacies. A golf taster course forms the end of the weekend. All experiences can be found on the Blog of the Ambassador. 75 women and seven men, including Michael Zankl, applied in the summer of 2011 as wellness Ambassador and presented themselves to the public on the beauty24 fan page Facebook-jury. From 1 September to 7 October 2.965 wellness fans to vote and thus chose the three finalists. Between October 2011 to February 2012 the three selected wellness ambassadors spend each weekend in two of the following six Spa Hotels: Iberotel Boltenhagen Habib, Hotel Esplanade resort & Spa in bad Saarow, Best Western Premier Park Hotel in bad Lippspringe, Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee in Westerburg, Furstenhof Quellness-and Golf Hotel in Bad Griesbach and the Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen. In March 2012 who decides a final voting “wellness all inclusive” of the three wellness ambassadors for a week with a Companion in the 5-star FUSION MAIA resort in Da Nang to Viet Nam in the dream vacation may fly. Wellness Ambassador 2011 is a campaign of the wellness trip organizer beauty24. Partner of the action are the 5-star resort FUSION MAIA Da Nang in Viet Nam and the Viet Nam airlines company. Germany’s no. 1 for wellness in the network of beauty24 more info under through beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany. Customers from over 8,000 well-being feel programs in over 600 hotels, DaySpas and spas can decide under the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness holidays are over, travel agencies, TV and available through direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 the Wellnessreise-hotline 01805 24 00 44 (0.14 per minute from the landline/maximum 0.42 euro per minute from mobile phone networks) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000.