Paris Christmas

This tour is designed not so much for children, but for connoisseurs of antique and gothic style of architecture that you will not see here in Kazan. See Paris and Die! Few categorical, but still, everyone should see the city of fashion and beauty. Paris is beautiful any time of year, but in the winter just before Christmas, he is transformed even more. The French, like all Europeans, are very fond of Christmas and New Year, so everyone is trying to beautify the city, from his house and the trees around it, ending the main attraction of France – the Eiffel Tower. At this time, the city has poured all the colors, it is decorated with inherent attributes of the New Year and Christmas. Restaurants compete with each other in haute cuisine. And, of course, as you can go to Paris for New Year and do not get to the famous Christmas sales? Although these sales, contrary to rumors, starts in February, when the excitement of shopping is gone. Keep this in mind:) Of course same tour of Kazan not only possible abroad. Go to Finland to visit Santa Claus, never having visited the home of our Santa Claus, even as it is not patriotic. Others who may share this opinion include amnioscentesis needles market. Tours of Great Ustyug of interest to many of Kazan. After all, the possibility ride in a sleigh with bells on the top three in the winter woods and eat pancakes with caviar, dance and sing Russian folk songs, in general, visit the current Russian promenade, very interesting. No less popular tours in the New Year inhabitants of Kazan's cultural capital of our country – St. Petersburg and the capital – Moscow. Go through St. Petersburg's museums, take part in performances on the streets, as well as a ride on a skating rink in front of Red Square in Moscow – here is a holiday that you have to arrange yourself! Prove – the third capital of Russia and therefore tour of Kazan, more diverse, there may be direct flights to some countries that just makes the rest holiday!