Jake Bell

Application. 3.Edvard passes from hand to hand Jake Bell. Bella: I'm good here. You should go. Edward: I'm not gonna be gone long. Bella: Don't rush. You need to hunt. Edward kisses her. Bell: Ok, maybe rush a little bit. "Tut quiet time for you to. – I do not for long. – You have to hunt. Edward kisses her. Bella: Edward, whether cautious. "How does it actually translates: – I've been in security. You've got to go. – I briefly – do not rush. You have to hunt. Edward kisses her. Bell: – No, perhaps, hurry up, please. Bella does not want Edward for her hunted "hastily". But she begins to miss him even before they parted. Can not tear myself away from him, especially when he kisses her. Therefore, "No, I changed my mind, come back soon, I miss you." Our translators and missed the whole phrase, presented the scene as "Edward kissed Bella in front of Jacob to his torment. Belle can not wait to get rid of Edward, to be with Jake. ". 4.Bella and Edward. Edward: "I know you believe I have a soul but I don't." Do you think that the soul is yours, and at I – no. "In this situation, the fact of the matter is that Bell believes that the soul is both! What she does not lose the soul, becomes a vampire. Correct should be "Do you believe that I have a soul, and I – I do not believe." 5. learns that Bella goes Edward married and nervous: "Maybe I'll get myself killed and make things simple for you." Russian translation: "Well then I'll give them to kill you and facilitate your life." Actually, "Then I'll let them kill themselves