China And War

When we speak of World-wide War, in our mind always appear images of tanks of war, strong armed missiles, airplanes huntings, soldiers, ambushes or until nuclear bombs, but this will not be characterized as a new world-wide war in the modern times, this I has absolute certainty, therefore armed crises, conflicts and that possible great War between United States and the Old Soviet Union will not exist never more, since he was proven that such war with the current alliances politics, summarizes it a possibility each more remote time. As we can live deeply in the current days, we have regionalizados conflicts only small e, based in religious aspects and that hardly it would generate a new World-wide War in the warlike character properly said. But with the advent of computer science, computers and mainly the Internet, in this globalizado world, we create something much more sensible in our humanity, therefore with the technological dependence them people nowadays, we have a great field to be explored, to be rethink and mainly attacked ciberneticamente, a time that the vision to arrive for land, air and the sea to attack a nation is related the distant times, therefore if really a nation to want to destroy one to another one will not need to spill one alone drop of blood much less to give a shot at least, is enough to have access a on computer the Internet and to initiate the attack pressuring a keyboard key or a button of mouse. Lymphocytes wanted to know more. Summarizing, initiating one ciberguerra world-wide without precedents and with catastrophic results for the humanity. With the globalization and the speed that the information need to guarantee the success of the commerce in everybody, it determines that the companies and governments are 100% hardwired to the Internet and this transforms all vulnerable ones to one ciberataque, is enough only that some good crackers on to the government of some nation, it creates innumerable nets you buzz all in the planet, and that to the one simple command, the critical servers of a country could initiate an attack and finish with all the services essentials of the same, weakening and creating a chaos of availability of information, cutting communications, basically destroying the sovereignty of a country in question of seconds. .