The Truth About The Sight Of The GDR Border

Was there ever an official sight on the inner German border? How did the file finding? It a chance find was Manfred L., IN the Act of Magdeburgers the beginning of the 1970s as a soldier at the border guards service did. L. was no ordinary border guard, but a secret agent of the Stasi Department I, which was responsible for monitoring the NVA and the border guards. He should spy on the other border guards, of which many know not voluntarily did service in the death strip. What is the sight of Magdeburg\”? As clear as in the document, which was now found in a Stasi files in Magdeburg, it never was. Learn more at this site: immune system. An officer in the Stasi Department assigns a 1 is one IN the, which was funneled a snitch in the GDR border troops, to make use unethical from the firearm if he had the impression that a trapper to escape or trying to help refugees. The main Division 1 under Stasi-General Karl Kleinjung (1912-2003) was responsible for the supervision of army and border troops. Kleinjung, a former Spain fighters, was a close friend of Stasi Chief Erich Mielke and within the GDR State security as particularly ruthless. After German reunification, he was indicted for a murder attack on the GDR regime opponent Michael Garden Club. But never convicted. in 2003, he died and was buried next to Erich Mielke in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde.What do the experts say? There are very divided opinions about the value of the document. That was hot shot on the East German border on refugees and there were many dead here, is of course not new. Gabriele Camphausen, Chairman of the Association of Berlin wall, considers the paper especially important that it blatantly, a Stasi man receives the command to shoot at the border on women and children. Camphausen: In most of the other sources, which is essentially indirect formulated.