The Stranger

On its friend an almost human shade lay, in which Esther was thinking about sending itself then was only one and even more when I find been relaxing, tearing with the filudos teeth the abdomen of its friend who was already dead. One was seated on its legs, with the hands maintaining the ribs to be able to ingest the interior of this, its head was lost in the abdomen and its fine nose filuda and, was rebosante of blood, its pointed teeth and filudos it tore what it seemed to be part of its vsceras, until paused when noticing that it had company. The scene petrifies to Esther; it could observe as to that one it observed it being from that dark hood, as pieces slipped to him among their teeth than sometimes it belonged to the body of Julia, the drops of blood that slipped of its chin. It could observe that of his hood they excelled short tufts of red hair. The stranger to be I raise myself on the inert body to observe better Esther, than it backwards gave to small steps while the mouth was covered not to shout, something that did not serve when it was wanted to convert envelope. Esther left running without being able to shout, the throat had closed him and his feet became too flexible. It went out being able to observe it desert, one paused at the moment at which a taxi restrained abruptly in the lapse in which it grazed with, making stagger it in the air and soon to drop itself on the sidewalk. The lights of the room of blinded it to emergencia per seconds, was recostada on a bed of a place with thin savannahs; the thin and separated room was long and full of bed by curtains to the flanks, while the nurses mobilized themselves quickly towards just arrived.