Sabre Dance

February is also unfavorable for marriage and start a new relationship. In general, such long standing Mars should be taken with full seriously. It increases impulsivity, aggression, temper, rashness and recklessness. Manifest self-will, stubbornness and obstinacy, arrogance. Growing trend towards risky activities, to the aggravation situations that lead to strife and conflict. Should beware of an accident, injury or illness. Sometimes there is a disaster, crime or fighting, or natural accidents and other adverse events. Must avoid and fear of escalation of the situation in the family, at work and with friends, try to be circumspect and cautious. Enhances the activity and aggressiveness in the actions (including physical ones), shows the thirst for power, ambition, self-confidence, a tendency to hasty ill-advised actions. Increases sexual desire, increasing impatience, rudeness, anger, harshness. You must try to protect at the time of their relatives. You can even danger from fire. The most dangerous days of the month – from 1 to February 10. In the danger zone get Russia, Canada, Ethiopia, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Sudan and Argentina. Starting from February 11, Venus will be in conjunction with Pluto. This is a very good connection, suitable for all, with regard to family and home, for love and marriage, engagement, and family holidays, for parties and entertainment, recreation and medical treatment for the arts and cultural activities for the important things and agreements for research and discovery, to communicate with people abroad and foreigners, for diplomatic activities, for arts and creative artistic work, for investments, scientists and artists, to politicians. An increasing need to update personal relationships towards greater harmony, sophistication, attempts to improve them. Creative people, this compound gives the period of inspiration, flashes of intuition. This compound as well – a sexual stimulant. Even elderly people at this time feel that they are young, strong and embark on an affair. This effect will last until February 15. All other times during the month of February Mars will continue their dance around the sun. He will then come near, then move away from the compound, but in general its orb, that is, the distance between the planets, and will not be enough large, so the influence of planets on each other will be minimal. The acuteness of this compound is practically completed about February 22, when Mars will be in the 30-m royal degrees of Aquarius, and then smoothly moves into Pisces, where the planet will no longer such a strong and powerful. Its influence will become more harmonious, leaning into action, but not a life-threatening situation. Spring comes, while Pisces and creative inspiration. Sabre Dance will be finally completed.

Religious Manuscripts

Or, alternatively, immediately moves to infinity, which, in essence, tantamount to a halt. Make such a stop could be many times over the past century, the history of science. But every time a radical decision to recognize the impotence of science postponed. Read additional details here: National Foundation for Cancer Research. So why do scientists today, faced with a really serious the problem of justifying the origin and evolution of life must abandon their attempts to find logical, rational decisions? Every once again posed the problem, opening a mistake, a failure of biological science are perceived Creationists with vipers malice and presented as evidence of the truth of their position, their faith. In itself, the statement of faith is not quite so noble, not a moral method can not serve as decoration believers. Also, why the availability of scientific problems in the biological theories of confirms the truth of it is the Christian interpretation of the origin of life, rather than, say, a Buddhist? Link to just one of many Religious written sources used to address the critical issue for all humanity, in many ways immoral to millions of people of other religions, or treating the origin of the world and life. Learn more on the subject from NSAA. I do not think so aggressive promotion of religion in science could be triggered by true servants of the faith, for which the more important problem of morality, rather than actual compliance with those issues or other scientific data content of Religious Manuscripts. Belief in the creation of the world and man – is an integral part of life for millions of people. . Colonscopy addresses the importance of the matter here.