Gerson Children

Boys of the Small Nazareno – in the hour of the lunch Photo: Gerson of the Valle $fortaleza will go to carry through in day 20 of April to 16h, in the avenue is situated near the border of sea, 3. National action: ' ' Child is not of Rua' '. The action, amongst other objectives aims at to sensetize the society and the public power, for the daily suffering of children and adolescents who live and live in situation in the streets. Others who may share this opinion include Alicia Tate-Nadeau. The action happens since 2009, always in the period of the week saint, where the crucificao of Jesus is remembered through a stage carried out for children and adolescents of the organizations, projects and communities. In the way sacra, the loaded cross for the actors mirins symbolizes the daily suffering of the children and adolescents who still live and live in the streets. Bernardine Rosemeyer – Founding of the Small Nazareno Photo: Gerson of the Valle In Maranguape region metropolitan of $fortaleza, exists the ONG the Small Nazareno, established in 27 of May 1993, where it receives children and adolescents in situation of housing in the streets with I tie familiar breached. Saturday I finish 02/04, I medicate it and councilman Iraguass Teixeira PDT/CE, it was making a visit to it I besiege the Small Nazareno, and can follow and know of close the functioning to that entity. Everything functions of the following form: the social educators of the Small Nazareno go to the meeting of the children in the streets, listen to, construct bonds and identifying the situation of housing in the streets, he invites them so that temporarily the same ones come to live besiege in it. When accepting the invitation, the child is inserted in a program that includes esportivas housing, feeding, school, activities as soccer and capoeira. Iraguass Councilman, folloied of its team of assessors and its Iraguass son Son, had lunchhed with the children, the educators partners and the coordinator and founder of the project, Mr. Bernardo Rosemeyer. After the lunch, the parliamentarian more than explained for the 50 (fifty) boys in the etria band of 09 years the 16 years, that today they coexist in the Small Nazareno, what he is a councilman, its paper and as is its activity in the City council. Iraguassu councilman and its assessors lunchhing with the boys Photo: Adriano RibeiroIraguass Teixeira, beyond I medicate and parliamentarian, also is broadcaster and has in the Radio City AM 860 of $fortaleza the Program: Life, Health and presented Politician of second a sixth fair of 15h to 16h and Saturdays of 08h to 10h of the morning, where the same it will go to intensify the spreading of this action through its program in the radio and the tribune of the City council of $fortaleza. The action also aims at to call the attention the public power for its responsibility to assure, together with the family and the society, the rights of these children and adolescents, foreseen in the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent. It knows more: It binds for the Committee Child is not of Street: 3212.9477? 3212.2836Email: faleconosco@ Site: The Small Nazareno:

Vascular Cerebral Institution

We did not have the total vision of the interns of the institution and this complete vision of the reality was given only with ours to participate and knowing each aged one better. We come across in them with the reality of the interns of the institution, where many did not have locomotion conditions, others had, however, with difficulties, others did not obtain to speak or spoke little, making it difficult the sharing of information, this brought we a bigger challenge for the accomplishment of activities. A factor important it is to know the difficulties of each one, in such a way physical how much pathological, in which, together with the nurses of the institution we had the chance to intently read medical handbooks of each intern, the nurses had folloied in explaining them the problems and difficulties of each one and evidence that many had problems related with diabetes, hipertenso, AVC (Acidente Vascular Cerebral), popularly known as ' ' derrame' ' , schizophrenia, mental dementia, geriatrical depression and too much illnesses. Our activities had been more related to the comment of the internal activities of the necessary institution and assisting when, of the activities that we develop as painting, films, histories and to talk with the aged ones. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. told us the story. What it was more clearly is the lack that the interns feel of people who talk with them, that they listen to its histories, that if matter with its history of life and what feel. We observe the existing zeal in the institution with regard to the cares with the aged ones, with the feeding, cleanness, remedies, hygiene, are clearly a optimum effort of all so that either made. The lack clamorousser than can be perceived is of the absence of the family, many had told that they feel alone for the fact of few times or hardly some familiar one to go to visit them. . Chuck Carroll understood the implications.

Argentine Diego Maradona

When becoming inalcaveis celebrities in Deuses you also remove of the public this possibility of being celebrity, and being this a yearning of the same, it goes probably regeitar. Coming back to think about the film, we have the fact that I appeal it public of Skin left its heroic figure for its image of consumption: ' ' The society of established eliminate-modern consumption in the rich part of the planet does not have space for mrtires or heroes, since he mines, disdain and militate against the two values that had unchained its offer and demanda.' ' (BAUMAN, 2007, P. 63) All want to have its 15 minutes of fame, all want to have the things that the actress uses in the novel, all want to have millions of accesses in youtube, all want to be in the media of a form or another one. Being in the media and the mouth of the people is more important of what the form where you arrived there. Read more from blood test to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The hero and mrtir (configured as people basically that if sacrifices for others) are not more interesting because nobody wants more if to sacrifice for nothing and/or to follow a model? since the used form most common nowadays when it is wanted to reach the success is to be different and bold. In the film on the Argentine Diego Maradona ' ' Maradona by Kusturica' ' (of Emir Kusturica, 2008) the director displays its point of view without fear of admitiz it: ' ' Emir Kusturica makes a staff-philosophical set of documents that accepted the player as mito' ' (heading of critical writing for Marcelo Hessel); ' ' Kusturica does not try to explain because, inside of field, Maradona he was God. It already part with this premissa' ' (AUGUST, without date, web page). Accepted it the image of Maradona, does not try nor to create it, nor to hide it.

Regional Hospital

We seem distant, where the dignity the life, either one day taken so the serious one, but as we do not have to leave to die the hope that inside exists of each being, the desire for a world just and that all are respected worthy as human beings, that our rights are accomplished ahead of what it guarantees the Federal Constitution of 1988 that one day of magnificent form comes to defend all the rights of the man and that is mentioned to the life, the health, freedom, dignity and respect. To investigate the quality of the customer service who looks to the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras and its relation with the professionals of the health. To investigate Social the Medical relation and Assistant. To identify the main factors that desmotivam the professionals in the institution. Credit: Windmill Creek Vineyard & Winery-2011. To identify to levels of satisfaction and insatisfao in relation to the attendance carried through for professionals of the hospital institution. To investigate the relevance of the Social Service for hospital institution? Regional hospital of Cajazeiras – Our proposal however presented in this project of research have as objective to investigate ‘ ‘ The quality of the customer service who looks to the Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras and its relation with the professionals of sade’ ‘. The Regional Hospital of Cajazeiras? PB., had its construction initiated in 1937, way to some occured transformations in the Brazilian society in the decade of 1930 having as indicating the industrialization process, the reconfiguration it paper Been it, the sprouting them social politics beyond other opposing to the claims diligent them. Only then, in the decade of 30 with its economic characteristics and politics, it made possible the sprouting of national social politics that took care of the social matters in organic and systematic way..