Eduardo Blanco

And I have already said many times what to do in these cases, but here I will give you another way to escape from that situation. Another totally different optics. If you don’t know who or how to make that decision to take, whether or not begin this undertaking that you have in your mind and you dream at night, if you find yourself confused; I found a method that gives me results that I think can be useful, I’ve put in practice since I read it for the first time and I assure you that it serves. For even more opinions, read materials from muscular dystrophy. It is written in the book of the seven laws and has to do with a universal method by which you can find a way out to those moments of doubt, hesitation and irresolution. In that book reads: (the universe has a very interesting mechanism to help us make informed decisions spontaneously. This mechanism is related to the sensations of the body, which are of two types: well-being or malaise. At the same moment in which we are taking a decision consciously, we pay attention to our body and ask: what if I choose this? If the body sends us a message of wellness is the right decision; If it shows signs of discomfort, then it is not the way appropriate.) As you can see, it is simpler than imagined, but not by simple it is less effective. Outside the conventional, structured or somehow established, sometimes a simple opinion, or idea, it is enough to make us react. Finally: Is this or any other technique, skill, method, rule, custom, practice or whatever, that you were useful to fill yourself with strength and not abandon a project, be welcome friend, the only important thing is go ahead until the end, and you know that every second you spend trying to learn, takes you to the result as you dream. Don’t forget the statistic that says: the majority of entrepreneurs in internet, leaving just when they were closer to the goal. Are you not those, really? Lots of luck!