Preparing For Winter

Compote – one of the most ubiquitous ways harvesting fruit and berries. However, there are also such gatherers who harvested the winter wonderful taste of stewed vegetables. For more specific information, check out Kiwi technology. From what would have been prepared either canned stewed fruit, usually a whole or cut pieces of fruit, filled with sugar syrup and subjected to heat treatment. Among the purveyors equally popular two options blank compotes. The first (Classic) is a blank like 'No One'. In this case, usually banks hangers filled with fruit and pour their syrup. The fruits of these compotes eaten as a dessert. Sometimes, because they cook less concentrated compotes. From the syrup and cook other drinks, diluting it with boiled water. The second option – it is stewed for a drink. In this case, banks do not fill up completely: the number of berries and fruits taken from 1-2 glasses (if berries) to half of the banks. Fill these compotes can not drink diluting. This method is more economical, but the berries of these compotes generally do not eat: they are almost tasteless. Canned stewed in two ways: by pasteurization or sterilization and accelerated way to hot filling. Stewed fruit, cooked method of sterilization and pasteurization. The sequence of your actions should be: first prosterelizuy banks, then put them prepared fruit and pouring boiling zaley them, and then lap banks boiled lacquered lids, put them in a pot with hot water and pasteurize or sterilize them according to the specific recommendations prescription. When the heat treatment time expires, the banks should immediately, without removing from the pan, roll, and then cooled slowly pouring into the pan, cold water.