Diogo Mainard

Almost never I read the column of Diogo Mainard, find it very politician but, I read its text on linfoma of Dilma Rousseff (Reviewed She sees 06 of May of 2009), and found very its reasoning interesting: it wrote that linfoma was taken to palanque as I appeal emotional to try to stimulate its candidacy the president, instead of this, would have been more decorous to take linfoma to the public hospitals, extending to the patients poor the access to the treatment and to the medicine. I attended to the news article with Jose Alencar, the news article that the creature spoke at the beginning of this text. It has reported question (more or less thus) which the prescription pra as much ortaleza and it answers: it is the FAITH in God. It must have answered thus: it is that I only fight against the cancer, thanks to God I am politician and I have a treatment of first. My trips and all the treatment are gratuitous, who paid is the common Brazilians and the chemotherapy I make in my house, the x-ray also. Everything what it has in the exterior pra to treat my cancer this to my reach thanks to God. I never caught a line, I do not know nor what it is this. Also nor he could, already I seated thought waiting pra to make the radio session, quanta people to ask for remedy to me, clemency pro father who you with cancer, internment pro filinho with leukemia. He exempts me to god. Then my son I am a FAITH man. To have FAITH thus is easy but after all pra that it serves the FAITH? The faith my people is the opium of the people. Sam Locke is often quoted on this topic. Parafrasenado Karl Marx.

Social Exclusion

Thus, not being understood for the community, existing then, the paradigm of the social exclusion that if summarizes in isolation of the sick people who are not accepted inside of the habitual standards. Today the insanity is understood that (thus characterized for the medicine), explained for biological, psychological and social causes, needs adjusted assistance, with the purpose of ressocializao of the sick person and support adjusted for this and the family. The ressocializao still is difficult, therefore the insanity in some cases, still is seen as trespasses of social norms, considered a clutter, are not tolerated e, therefore, segregated. In the perspective to contemplate the construction of the object of this study, one becomes excellent to make some reflections on the mental upheavals, what it seems to coincide with the proper history of madness. One becomes necessary, however, to appeal to the ideas of the authors for attainment of bigger theoretical consistency. Considered as a social phenomenon, the upheavals mental they had been seen of diverse forms in accordance with the culture of each time. According to Serrano, in the Seniority, they were characterized as of supernatural order. The insane people were conceived as ' ' messengers of deuses' ' , therefore, essential to decipher the messages divine, pointing out the man, at last, in the condition of next to the stranger, being, thus, next to God and Its aspirations for the Land. However, in accordance with studies already carried through by diverse authors (ARIES, 1981; BERENSTEIN, 1988; MELMAN, 2001), the concepts of illness, cure and madness if had modified with transcorrer of the years, with this the presence of the family start to be more requested in the periods of treatment. The intense routine and estressante the one that great part of the population is submitted, opens way for oscillations of feelings, that however are of great euphoria and however of great sadness.


Its manifestation is always very next to the anxiety and it can assumirdiagnstico serious when persisting during much time. In accordance with Sims (2001), the feeling of the jealousy, together with feeling of that the object amado' ' mim&#039 belongs; ' ' ' I belong to outro' ' , it is part daexperincia normal human being. As Marani (2001) the jealousy is a normal feeling quandosurge as reply to a real, immediate situation, with its limited duration aum time that nor always is defined, however certainly limited. When cimecomea if to draw out in the time and to increase of intensity, some thing to deveestar happening. The jealousy more acts in the sphere of the anguish and the anxious anxiety, generating, therefore, more persistent states. According to Blacksmith-Saint (2003) pg. 78 ' ' some pessoasso jalousie of what others, but have situations where this quantitative simplesconceituao of feeling starts to show that in one determinadapessoa, the jealousy runs away total from its control, taking a poroconsidervel of its life, seno all ela.' ' In this in case that, already the jealousy in a nvelpatolgico could be understood, as we will argue in the next chapter. Pathological jealousy According to Guimares (2004), at least three seriampropcias situations for the development of some degree of jealousy. In the first one, aauto-they esteem of the person is low, and it if it perceives inferior in diverse aspects, that go since the physical appearance until the intellectual attributes. A outrasituao is that one where the frequently manifest partner a realpor interest other people. It still has one third situation, the call pathological jealousy. Ey 1950 apud Sims (2001) says that the jealousy patolgicoou mrbido can be disclosed of some forms, for example, as delirium, supervalued comoidia, as depressive affection or as an anxiety state. Ocime can be identified as delirious when to the belief of the spouse or outrosest based in delirious evidences.

YLE People

Hard to please someone, give a good or bad imipresion the person just is not conoicer producito magic or chance. Simipatia Empathy and follow certain principles that we can manage consciously and deliberately. Aligunas And in particular situations, as in a job interview or negotiation, falling "instinitivamente" right or wrong to our partner can make a difference. That instinct relational unconscious is a mechanism that tells us if the person in front teneimos fits or not with our expectations, our model of the world and, consequently, if the relationship with her will be nice or not. The first thing we see are their manifestacioines someone outside, many of them so subtle that we capture only unconsciously. Once computed, in our mind, we compare these expressions with the idea we have of how they should be social behavior. If what we see a "or hear" fits with our idea, simpaitizamos with that person, otherwise reject it. It is as if we look in a mirror, if we identify the person in question pleases us. If instead the refleijo not agree with us, we raise a barrier. Amoldate the other person communication strategies exist to help make a good impression who just met. It is not the intention of the article consider, but be aware of how the fall or someone not well. Generally, if you want to be liked someone, "a primeira vista" is necessary to copy the way he expressed. Pay attention to all its external manifestations, their language, both verbal and body-and, once identified, stick to it. For example, if the person you want to empathize gestiicula much, do too, if you speak quickly, stick to your speed if you use a simple lenguaije, you also used plain terms, if she smiles, sonirie you too … What is a barrier, immediately, to refute the beliefs of another. You or disagree with them, if you want to keep the conversation going, do not question their beliefs openly. Beliefs are the fundamenito of any person and if golipeas that foundation, you will immediately oppose. .

Religious Manuscripts

Or, alternatively, immediately moves to infinity, which, in essence, tantamount to a halt. Make such a stop could be many times over the past century, the history of science. But every time a radical decision to recognize the impotence of science postponed. Read additional details here: National Foundation for Cancer Research. So why do scientists today, faced with a really serious the problem of justifying the origin and evolution of life must abandon their attempts to find logical, rational decisions? Every once again posed the problem, opening a mistake, a failure of biological science are perceived Creationists with vipers malice and presented as evidence of the truth of their position, their faith. In itself, the statement of faith is not quite so noble, not a moral method can not serve as decoration believers. Also, why the availability of scientific problems in the biological theories of confirms the truth of it is the Christian interpretation of the origin of life, rather than, say, a Buddhist? Link to just one of many Religious written sources used to address the critical issue for all humanity, in many ways immoral to millions of people of other religions, or treating the origin of the world and life. Learn more on the subject from NSAA. I do not think so aggressive promotion of religion in science could be triggered by true servants of the faith, for which the more important problem of morality, rather than actual compliance with those issues or other scientific data content of Religious Manuscripts. Belief in the creation of the world and man – is an integral part of life for millions of people. . Colonscopy addresses the importance of the matter here.