Unpopular LAPS 2009

20 th Latin American Oil and Gas Exhibition 2009 laps finished its work. No fanfare, no high-profile deals, as it did in previous years, and all because of the nationalization of the oil service companies operating in the country and formed the backbone of the participants in this exhibition. One of the most prominent in Latin America shows the previously gathered about 200 participants and more than 30000 professionals, come to Maracaibo from around the world, overflowing hotels and restaurants. In this year and the hotels are filled to half and charter flights between Caracas and Maracaibo half-empty. The organizers tried to bring positive notes, telling about the famous and big parties, including Halliburton, Schlumberger, StatoilHydro, the facts – stubborn, was employed a total of 100 booths, or half of last year. To some extent this can be explained by the influence of the economic crisis, as other trade fairs have difficulty attracting participants. Learn more about this with Atkis Oncology. However, the real culprit of the failure of the exhibition, according to Western media, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his socialist policies. laps 2009 was to be held in June and in May, Chavez began the nationalization of more than 70 foreign and local oil service companies, as part of a campaign by the movement in the '21 st century socialism ", and that's had to endure an exhibition in October. Ultimately, it is oilfield services company, not themselves producing oil, but serving oil companies were the main participants of the exhibition, which depend on the attention from the major oil producers like Chevron or bp. Patricia Martins, one of the representatives of the organizing committee, said that it was a wave nationalization of the first exhibition postponed to October, and then reduced it to its present size. True, not all contracting companies were nationalized much of the oil industry of Venezuela is in private hands. And only in Russia this year, as ever, was represented at the ministerial level. Deputy Energy Minister Sergei Kudryashov, spoke at the luncheon following the Minister of Energy and Petroleum Bolivarian republic, the head of the national oil company pdvsa, Rafael Ramirez, what followed after the discovery on laps 2009 The Grand, an area of 90 square meters. pm, Bench Ministry of Russia with the participation of several leading companies in Russia, and as an authoritative exponent of – Republic of Tatarstan. Russia seeks to develop comprehensive cooperation with Venezuela, which covers the exploration, extraction, transport infrastructure, construction of generating capacity, to work together on the markets. In parallel, work is under way in the area of investment, education and social services.


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