The Adolescents

I divorce it is pointed many times as a disorganization factor that takes the adolescent to the drugs. If you are not convinced, visit Samuel Lesser. Specialists observe that, however that it is not the separation in itself that disorganizes the adolescent or the child, but the pressure provoked for the lack of respect in relation to the parents, for accusations and the verbal and physical abuses. 2.4 More common drugs between the adolescents. Marijuana is known has more than 5,000 years and comes being used since then in such a way for its medicinal properties for its psychoactive effect giving the welfare sensation, it is less dangerous and the one that offers to minor death risk. The cocaine is one substantiates natural of leves of the Erytroxylon cocaine extracted, originary shrub of the region of Andes is very common in Peru, Bolivia and in the Equator. The cocaine comes in salt form was produced in laboratory in 1862, Germany, and started to be used anesthetical for interrupting the pain signals. Until the beginning of century XX, it could be bought freely as medicine when if it did not know its curses, it is a dangerous stimulant acts in the nervous system provoking a state of euphoria and a sensation of onipotncia, the person if I felt more active, more alert, she can provoke spills, cerebral atrophy and cardiac attacks and can increase the arterial pressure. The problem is that the pleasant effect of the cocaine is relatively fast it lasts of 10 the 30 minutes and comes folloied of a deep depression. In recent years was transferred to also consume it the cocaine for the pulmonary way, the drug is submitted to a chemical process and transformed and transformed into a rock, crack, when it is smoked its effect is still more fast more intense leads less than 10 seconds to reach the brain and the dependence is well bigger.