Care Medical

Medical cosmetics can be considered as an intermediary between drugs and conventional cosmetics. Medical cosmetics produced in the same forms as any other cosmetics: in the form of salves, oils, emulsions, gels, creams, lotions, etc. The main difference between the health of cosmetics from makeup everyday that Medical Care is designed to care for problem skin with skin diseases and can be sold in pharmacies. This makeup is able to maintain long term water and mineral balance of the epidermis of the skin, she covers her finest protective film, protecting against negative environmental influences, and effectively helps to cope with a variety of skin problems. Medical Care contains in its composition a small amount of fragrance and preservatives, or does not contain them at all, that allows to use it even for people with allergic skin diseases. Get more background information with materials from Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Unlike drugs, and it can be applied perfectly healthy people, because in addition to the healing properties of dermatological cosmetics has good ornamental and cosmetic properties. Dermatological cosmetics originally created for use on the patient skin, and the requirements for its production and development are the same as for all drugs. Security assurances of skin care products provide long-term clinical trials that are conducted on patients with diseases of the skin in human volunteers under dermatological clinics. In the sale of Cosmetics may be admitted only if proved not only its safety but also efficacy in the treatment of skin disease, for which she created. Dermatological cosmetic dermatologists typically recommend to care for problem skin types: premature aging, dry and prone to allergic reactions, with recurrent acne or pustular rashes and sensitive.


How does a young person? What a stupid question? The younger a person looks like … And what exactly is expressed by the state of young skin? Lack of wrinkles? But, no! And at 16, and 25 on the face of a nasolabial folds, facial wrinkles. Yes, they are not so deep as in 50 years, but they are there. So what's the secret of youth? As a proven research, aging is associated with a reduction in the number of hyaluronic acid. The skin of a young man it contains from 3 to 4 pounds. Except of hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid and ligaments human eye in the vitreous humor and umbilical cord, as well as in the skin of sharks and a cock's comb, as well as in cells of some bacteria. She is "responsible" for the density, elasticity and skin tone. The properties of the miracle acid has long been known cosmetologists, who know that the surest way to erase the traces of past years with a person – to undergo intradermal injection of natural hyaluronic acid. Technique called "biorevitalization", which literally means "bioozhivlenie" in the literal sense of the word returns aging skin properties, the look and feel young. The skin remembers everything Biorevitalization not only improves appearance, but also restores the internal environment of a young skin, thereby suspending the aging process. How does this happen? First: the intradermal injection of natural, chemically modified hyaluronic not acid immediately restore the water balance and provide ideal conditions for the cells of life, resulting in an external effect over time more stronger.