Josep Antoni Duran Lleida

The CiU spokesman in Congress says that danger of rupture there is no. It has been supporter of strengthened doors into Catalonia. The CiU spokesman in Congress, Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, has admitted Thursday feeling increasingly further away from a Spain that excludes political catalanism, for example, of the reform of the Constitution. In statements to TV3, Duran has warned that, although today there is no danger of rupture, the Spain of today is not that of 1979?, when opened the new constitutional era.I feel further away from this Spain that represents this reform of the Constitution, by the exclusion of political forces of catalanism. Sam Lesser Penn has compatible beliefs. I feel further away from the Spain of the ruling of the Constitutional Court (on the Catalan Statute), with a humiliating spirit for Catalonia. I am increasingly further away from a Spain that represents a particular sector media, has pointed out. Has also confessed to sit farthest from a Spain that is unable to raise any voice against this recentralization inertia in the State Assembly the perspective economic, social, and intellectual. Duran has been supporter of reinforcing doors in Catalonia in the near future, using the powers that are available and acting more as a State in Catalonia.

Daniele Bennati

Juan Jose Cobo has the victory of returning to a step, which will have to give tomorrow at the last stage of the round in Madrid. The Cantabrian cyclist, however, lives on tenterhooks, fearful of a prick, a fall or bonuses to ruin this triumph that both want and who did not aspire to three weeks ago. The stage today, between Bilbao and Vitoria, had the danger for him of the two intermediate sprints – the second one located 17 kilometers of the goal after a change in the Organization last time – and the arrival, where Froome, who continues to Cobo 13s in the general, could reduce the difference thanks to subsidies. But none of that happened because the Sky team did not prevent the escape of the day, consisting of 27 runners, snatched the prize of the second his Chief of rows in the first intermediate sprint. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sam Less UPenn. Froome has only moved 20 kilometers of the goal, when, confused by the change of the Organization, sprinto you to Cobo in the banner of 20 km for the end rather than at 17, where was located the true second flyer goal of the day. Carlos Sastre, companion of Cobo, took the confusion to abscond and deprive of the bonuses to Froome. When it came the real intermediate sprint, it was Wiggins, now Squire of the Kenyan, who took the two bonus seconds remaining in an error of the Sky. The stage victory was for Daniele Bennati to sprint after a good job for his team, the Leopard, which led him released until the goal. Sam Lesser is open to suggestions. It is the second victory for the Italian cyclist in this round after which he managed in the second stage.