Hurricane Katrina

The New York African Film Festival at Lincoln Center has them every year professionally in the handle. Visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. More projects by her include the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation gala lunch in the Hamptons, the harmony for Peace Foundation concert at Zankel Hall in Carnegie, the jazz mobile BBs summer festival and the Korean parade in New York City. Donald Sussman usually is spot on. In addition to cultural projects, its companies participate in social activities participates, for example in promoting health care in Haiti and Cambodia and also work to expose human rights abuses in psychiatry. The company promotes effective, educational solutions also in the help and denounced the slow reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina and provides human rights violations in the spotlight. “With every turn of this earth it would be irresponsible to close my eyes to the plight of others”, says Duncan. “I’ve managed to build a business with their own hands and to make something of my life. This allows you to me, my communication skills to use reasonable solutions that are there for a variety of social ills to promote.” Cheryl Duncan how Scientology helped her to fix the broken relationship between their mother – before her death in 1992 – and her and as her Scientology helped to become more stable and more successful in life in the interview on the website also describes. “Had I not learned in Scientology, that there are various Lebensdynamiken, I could never have the thing with my mother in order. And that would have been incredibly sad.” More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL.

Managing Director

Parks in Deuningen (Netherlands) activities, including climbing AvTarZ nature park extends for between five and nine years old operator of AvTarZ today confirmed the planned expansion of their established last year, but aligned climbing facility limited to adult climbers ECO climbing forest with a specially on the age group 5-9 years. The contract for design and construction of the kids forest climbing plant was awarded to Skywalker adventure builders, the Dutch company, specialized in outdoor climbing park and rope courses. So far, we offer our visitors 6 courses with about 70 to unsustainable obstacles. The new facility for children extended this season on 7 courses with 89 obstacles”the range of our activities, says Wim Doedens, owner of the AvTarZ nature park. In relation to the safety of our young users, the safe Scooter Safety lifeline system is the core piece of the climbing forest. We want to offer the children the ultimate climbing experience, but exactly the autonomous climbing safety by this age group, of course not expected to be.” Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker, added: children should need to have fun and focus on security. The safe scooter system is based on the principle of continuous protection over the total length of the climbing course, offers the highest standard of operational safety on the market and access to climbing activities now also allows people with easier physical or mental disability.” The safe roller consists of a specially designed sliding trolley, which while tackling the course follows the climber on a continuous safety line and must be replaced in the transition between climbing obstacles as opposed to other systems from the main line. Our knowledge of safe Scooter is the only climbing protection system that permanently secures users through any combination of courses and obstacles”, explains Van Voorst. Never before have so many children most of her leisure time watching TV or am Computer spent”, continues Van Voorst. An important step, particularly in the context of the worrying trends observed currently in our society for obesity, impaired concentration and depression, is to provide an opportunity for the online generation, knowing that physical exercise in the open air can be fun, if it concerns children and young people.” AvTarZ nature park, AvTarZ in Deuringen, Overijssel (Netherlands) nature park is a leisure park with climbing opportunities, suitable for visitors of all ages. Forest climbing park includes more than 70 climbing obstacles, includes the 180 m currently longest zip line in the Netherlands and provides a “natural maze” of alleys and angle, which allows children to go to their heart’s content in search of adventure. Skywalker adventure Builder: Skywalker developed sophisticated concepts in the field of free air playgrounds/adventure parks. The company designs and builds active forest ECO forest climbing, rope parks, climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and Natural playgrounds. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

CreaLog Receives TuV Certification

Certification according to ISO 9001 and 14001 Munich, April 7, 2011 after an again successful recertification of quality management according to norm ISO 9001:2008 the Munich-based voice received Portal specialist CreLog ( now also the prestigious TuV Seal for the enterprise-wide implementation of the environmental management standard ISO 14001. So CreLog is committed to the importance of a corporate environmental policy for service-providing companies. Already for some time, the extensive requirements of the European standard be implemented in practice. The current standard ISO 14001:2004 the concept is based on a continuous improvement in environmental management, regularly reported. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The reduction of the energy consumption is one of the first steps of a sustainable environmental policy. In the field of waste management, recycling of electronics components and other consumer goods as well as the separation of waste in the foreground are – in addition to the general reduction of waste volume -. Contact information is here: The Cleveland Clinic. New company cars must especially consumption and be low in pollutants. “Brigitte Sohl, quality – and environmental management officer at CreLog is pleased: TuV received CreLog special praise for the establishment of a special legal cadastre, which commented on the CreLog relevant environmental regulations and laws.” All CreLog employees are required to comply with the standards and guidelines, the management continuously monitors the implementation and the achievement of the environmental objectives set. The environmental guidelines by CreLog found on the Internet under: de/ueberuns/umweltmanagement-umwelterklaerung.htm about CreLog with references in 29 countries is CreLog of leader in voice dialogue solutions in Europe. The CreLog VoiceXML platform is completely web manageable and is located at over 400 customers in more than 30 sectors in use – with a total of about 55,000 installed lines. Banks and insurance companies as well as utilities and public administration, telecommunications and media companies are among the users. Adjust voice portals crealog Highest level of dialog quality based on natural language ‘ speech safe. You are able to identify a large number of words and whole sentences in 44 languages and intelligent process. CreLog portals also support the very human sounding speech synthesis of leading provider. The CreLog voice portal, unified messaging – and CTI-solutions for carriers and corporate clients received in 2005 and 2006 the best of CeBit Award”- among other things for interactive voice video response’. “In the years 2008 and 2009, there were several awards for CreLog: – the best of CeBit Award” for the natural language information and FAQ solution Voicebot ‘, – the voice Award 2008 best enterprise services’ for the banking of HypoVereinsbank, a further award as the winner in the voice Contest 2008 for the smart cab call Cabfish’- and 2009 the Silver Award for ELVIS’, the voice-activated Internet radio for mobile devices.


Obama’s home affordability and stability program (HASP) financial experts are skeptical about the plan, since not many American have benefited from the program. According to the predictions, the program what supposed to address approximately 3.5 million foreclosures and loan modifications by the end of 2009 however, findings indicate the program which able to help less than 150,000 ultra-delicate for loan adjustment, even after five months of its inception. The federal government has acknowledged the fact and agrees a lot more needs to be done to make the loan modification programs really effective. According to the official sources, mortgage service providers and lending institutes need to spend less time dealing with the paperwork, and make the rules catchy and flexible enough to suit the loan applicant. There is a growing concern, and a certain degree of frustration regarding how moneylenders process the HASP loan applications – a fact which what specifically expressed by Senator Jeff Murkily. Financial experts and policy maker are still trying to figure out what has gone wrong and where. Some of the reasons which make the plan less effective are explained briefly: * the plan what it what difficult to motivate the loan modification companies moneylenders and lending institutes to hire specialised staff trained in explaining the guidelines, announced in February, and thereafter and helping the loan applicants to find a practical and effective solution that deals with their actual debt problem. The incentives failed to persuade the Calendar providing the loan alteration facilities, since they were not substantial enough. * While implementing the loan modifications, the credit institution started recorded losses, since the process what handled very slowly and without any impetus. In spring, the Congress what forced to hear strong pleas from the representative of the mortgage industry, requesting the federal and state governments to allow the mortgage losses to be recorded in their books of account.

Fundraising in the context of the swine flu vaccination – fundraiser during the swine flu vaccination for charities – Rico Gross and Sven Ottke support the fundraiser – initiated by Dr. Rainer Muller-Horner and Manuel Reuter Furth. YES, WE HAVE \”?\” Of course, the vaccination against the new flu H1N1, commonly known as swine flu\”! The subject awakens first controversial reactions. In recent weeks there were and are still fierce discussions about the pros and cons of this flu vaccinations. However, this is for Dr. med. Rainer Muller-Horner, former athletes and head of the Bavarian Olympic base at the EuromedClinic Furth, no reason for a refusal of this preventive measure. The greater the vaccinated population, will lower the dispersion degree of flu in the population develops. The H1N1 virus also shows! the tendency to mutations of the virus strain previously known\” Thus, the risk of pandemics grow, so the physician. The fundraiser under the logo of the vaccinated pig but why? We want to set a charity sign with this action\”, said the Opel brand ambassadors and motor sport expert Manuel Reuter. The difficulties with the information about the swine flu and the availability of vaccines show how complex it is even in our developed economies to afford health care. In emerging and developing countries health care does not take place practically like a flu vaccination. Thus growing. but also the risk of pandemics and mutation of viruses\” And the population cannot avoid a pandemic. The funny logo of the action will be a buying incentive for all the participating in the swine flu vaccine. There are more than 30 million patients in Germany alone. If we encourage even a smaller portion thereof for the acquisition of the PINs with 4.95 EURO, we can achieve a great deal the donations\”, so Dr. Muller-Horner. Of course, the vaccination is not required for the Acquisition of the PINs.