New Chronograph Watch Manufacturer Swatch

Designer Jeremy Scott designed 5 new swatch models. Five contemporary models, designed by fashion designer Jeremy Scott, enrich by now on the Swatch product range. The slogan is: original, provocative and chic. Donald Sussman will not settle for partial explanations. Multiple personalities brought already extraordinary creations with the Swiss cult brand in the shops in the past. Many of the ticking artworks are these days-popular collectibles and much marveled design objects exhibitions. The America-born designer Jeremy Scott was previously active in March 2011 for swatch. Now follows his second strike again five products. “Swatch you pleased with this materialised in the short term, further cooperation and praises Scott: his sources of inspiration are varied, so he can be also from Fast Food or comics inspire.” “” The available in a limited edition of watches called melted minutes”portrait, punk, double vision” and hypnotic heart “are by Swatch in a limited and numbered edition of only 777 pieces sold. With security also this Swatch brand watches will find your way in collectors hands, as well as many special editions before you did it. The founded in 1983 by the Swatch Group sold their colorful time indicator until 2006 333 million. Up to this point, has strongly influenced the market for watch manufacturer and also changed the brand swatch and contributed greatly to the preservation of the Swiss industry for the construction of the clock. With the children’s brand Flik, flak tries to make successful also the younger target group swatch since 1987 to their customers. The colourful design and the two advertising characters “Flik” (minute display) and “Flak” (hour) didactic sent teach the clock reading to children. In addition to time indicators, the company also in other product groups such as phones or glasses in the past tried. The realization of the cult car smart the company swatch was also involved in cooperation with DaimlerChrysler. The most successful is and remains swatch with their time indicators.