Federal Government

Savings banks and Volks – and Raiffeisen banks offer additional deposit guarantees. Foreign banks are usually but not always one of the backup system beyond the law. 4 in the depot are only bonds of first-class borrowers of best debt is the Federal Government. Have you put your money in U.S. Treasury bonds, federal bonds and bunds, it is well secured. Federal Treasury bonds you can exchange also always free: purchased for example two years ago federal Treasury bonds with the former interest and the current capital market interest rate is higher, so you can be exchanged free of charge your papers for current issues with higher interest. Caution is however bonds with long maturities and on corporate bonds, the so-called corporate bonds. Long life bring hardly any additional returns, risks in premature sale but course. Select only prime borrowers in corporate bonds. Crawling your repository and separate themselves from second-rate titles. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. 5. don’t be afraid to share stocks have proven medium to long term as investment and include in every balanced portfolio. Of course it comes up in the election of the shares Their individual circumstances, your investment horizon and your willingness to take risks on. Put on solid values that yield a good dividend yield. Even if it go down with the share price, healthy companies survive but also usually stock markets crises. 6 beware of certificates certificates involves legal notes. There is the risk that a total loss of the invested capital occurs in the insolvency of the issuer. So make sure to check the creditworthiness of the provider. Worst known case in this area was the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. The certificates of the American company have been initially exposed by the trade. It is not yet decided about a repayment rate. It is a total failure for the investor but here to worry about. Also known as certificates of guarantee”no honor make her name.