Hunting Hares And Foxes

Hunting for rabbits and foxes hunt when hunting with hounds, have their own characteristics. The main places where foxes tend to live – it dug their burrows in hard places. Just foxes can live in otnorkah in the upper passages abandoned badger burrows. In contrast, hares, foxes, and often suspicious behavior by other hounds. In order to successfully hunt the fox, come out to just before the sun comes up, then you have a much better chance of not detect only fox, plus a flock of close to forest edges and fields. When hunting Lisov need to be quiet, because they might get scared from the noise and hide in burrows, where beagle would be virtually impossible to get it. Very well when Hunters of knowing where the fox holes in the area hunting. In this case, some people may remain near normal, as the fox, after driving several laps at the hounds, will certainly try to hide in these burrows, and thus she fills herself under the guns of hunters. After the fox would be killed, should immediately move all the fields with the hounds, in which case the more chances that they will catch a couple of foxes. most good season for to hunt is early autumn. Spin-A-Thon understands that this is vital information. It was during this period foxes live whole brood and do not run away. If forced to run the hounds and wolves Lisov, the hunt goes more smoothly and gambling, rather than hunting the hare. Foxes do not confuse the hounds as they may hare hare and, yes, and their tracks have a stronger smell, so it is easy to sense the beagle. But the fox can reach more briskly than a kilometer, or starts to turn the huge wheels. Foxes are extremely more prudent, so they try to escape away immediately after they hear the whining of dogs, voices or any any noise. Therefore, hunters should go down in the manholes at a certain distance to the place threw the hounds. Foxes do not favor open space, so that, more often, they may catch in the thickets, swamps. Typically, they use to move a jumper separates the island. The first round of the fox is usually describes the island, near the edges, and the second – in places more secretive. In these places, the circles are always increasing. Otherwise, the fox is able to cross to another island, making it a few laps to go straight, or give back move to the previous island. In such situations it is required to adjust to the incredibly fast rut, or a dog can get off with a hearing loss. To hunt was successful, you need to – run fast – no noise to be on manhole – hounds who likes to hunt just for foxes, not for hares, hounds such as a rule, give rough angry voice chips and peremolchki less than for hunting hares. The main thing is to shoot a fox at a certain distance, to beat the gun once. This distance should be about fifty – seventy steps. In that case, if you're hunting the hare, the distance can be set to vystrelivaniya eighty paces.