The Prince

'Bismarck' opened fire on the 'Hood'. Immediately after the first volley of the German battleship, the 'Hood' opened fire and 'Prinz Eugen'. Before reaching the enemy shells fell into the sea. After this commander of the mine-torpedo armament of German heavy cruiser was ordered: to prepare for a volley of torpedo on the port side and opened fire on the battlecruiser "Hood" when the distance of a torpedo attack. 'The Prince of Wales' by this time gave the five rounds of 'Bismarck', but never got over it. Add to your understanding with Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams. It is not known whether he got the sixth one gulp, but the British did not record a hit. At this time, 'Bismarck' retaliatory fire strikes 'Hood' hit shells in the area of the mainmast. The British battle cruiser began a terrible fire, which reached the second chimney. But the German battleship was damaged: the fuel tank was pierced flown through by a shell, and began leaking fuel. At the same time the order was given: 'Prince Eugen' fire on the move 'The Prince of Wales', and support the guns 'Bismarck' support fire a heavy cruiser. At 06:00 'Hood' and 'Prince of Wales' went on to turn in 20 degrees to enter the battle tower feed guns of the main fire. At this point, the fifth salvo missiles 'Bismarck' direct hits have covered the unfolding 'Hood'. One shell of caliber 380 mm punched through three layers of armor protect British battlecruiser. Aboard detonated munitions, and the 'Hood' flew into the air, dying in an instant, with almost all hands.