Papalo Grandson

METHODOLOGY qualitative Work of exploratrio bibliographical matrix in which it looks for to trace the trajectory on the aged one, family, the changes in the cycle of familiar life, breakings in aged, finally carried through one brief communication on the cares in the prevention of breakings provoked for falls, using as base national literatures. DEVELOPMENT the population aging comes folloied of degenerative chronic illnesses with incapacities and deficiencies, becoming necessary the evaluation of the behavior of the functional capacity of the patient aged, since it is essential for the diagnosis, prognostic and clinical judgment (BRAZIL, 2006). As Brazil (2006) the raised incidence of falls in aged is one of the pointers of this trend observed in the oldness. It must be faced as one of the most important symptoms in geriatria. The family is a natural group that through the times has development standards of interactions, standards this that constitute the familiar structure, that in turn governs the functioning of the members familiar. According to Papalo Grandson; Oak Son (2006) the falls are events found in all the population, being very frequent in aged individuals. They are not inevitable consequences of the aging, but when they occur, they signal the beginning of the fragility or announce an acute illness, beyond being important cause of injury, incapacity and death. Although the majority of the falls does not result in important physical damage, they can cause an irreparable psychological reply and lead to morbidade mortality significant. In the two extremities of the life the fall occurrence is frequent, but it has meant distinct. While in infancy it marks the acquisition of mechanisms that go to guarantee the position and the locomotion, in the oldness indicates the deterioration of these systems, emphasizes (WEDGE; GUIMARES, 2004). For Netina (2003) diverse normal alterations related to the age exist, that happens in all the main systems of the body, being able to present itself at distinct moments for different people.

Childhood Development

It affects the growth and the physical and mental development of the children, causing sleepiness, incapacity to fix the attention and reduction in the mental acuidade, what it leads to the comprometimento of the pertaining to school income. I diagnosis laboratorial Hemograma: Baixo HCM and VCM Policromasia, poiquilocitose and anisocitose Eosinofilia? (parasatism) Plaquetopenia? (hemorrhage) Dosages biochemists: Fe+2 srico < 20 mg/mL Transferrina increased microcticas and hipocrmicas Hemcias Treatment To correct the deficit and to restitute the supplies of iron through the use of medicamentoso iron e, in case of chronic loss of blood, to identify and to treat the cause. The ferrous sulphate is the salt most indicated by its good absorption and low cost. The hard total treatment of 4 the 6 months and can be made the dosage of hemoglobina until normalization of the hemograma. Chuck Carroll addresses the importance of the matter here. In serious cases, it can be used as treatment the injection of iron for the muscular way or intravenosa, being used the forms iron-dextran or sorbitol-citrate-iron. ANEMIA MEGALOBLASTICA (NORMOCROMICA MACROCTICA) megaloblstica Anemia is a riot caused for the comprometimento in the decurrent Synthesis of DNA of deficiency B12 a vitamin or acid flico with macroeritrcitos and granulcitos. This anemia is characterized by great, immature and disfuncionais globules white (megaloblastos) in the ssea marrow and for neutrfilos also hipersegmentados. Lack B12 the vitamin megaloblstica anemia cause, but when it has me the absorption due the lack of intrinsic factor this anemia is only called pernicious anemia. The megaloblstica anemia is an illness in which the ssea marrow produces giant and immature hemcias. A time that these two factors are important for the synthesis of responsible DNA and for eritropoese, its lack cause a defect in the DNA synthesis, leading to the disequilibrium in the growth and cellular division Clinical Megaloblasto Picture Inapetncia (anorexy, fastio).


Moreover, the situation of the low wages aggravates the situation, compelling the professionals to have more than a bond of work, resulting in a long and extremely desgastante monthly load. The social and economic system in which we live produces, without a doubt, great inaqualities. These characteristics meet coherent as the factors occupational estressores pointed to follow. In the study of Jodas (2009), estressores had been identified to the elements in accordance with the occupational position of the nurses: assistenciais nurses, inadequate resources, interpersonal attendance to the patient, relations, emotional load; administrative nurses, inadequate resources, related to the interpersonal assistance, relations; collections, overload of work, professional recognition, to be able of decision; teaching nurses, inadequate resources, interpersonal activities with the pupils, relations, university politics, wage overload of work, questions and horria load. Further details can be found at BioNTech, an internet resource. In accordance with the gotten results a carried through study Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Assis-SP, for Paschoalini, et al in the year of (2008), of the 80 interviews the majority of the professionals declared to consider its estressante profession and its effect more had been related during the professional exercise. In the present sample, the agent told estressores more had been the conditions and the organization of the work, and the labor overload for double day that was seen in only one tero of the interviewed ones. In study people had the same observed themselves also exerting functions with inferior demands to its qualifications. These constataes suggest that the agent estressores possess intrinsic characteristics to the partner-economic and cultural demands of each city. In another study developed in the surgical blocks of 11 hospitals of the city of Native of London? PR for Schmdt, et al (2009), found 56.

The Rhythm

Lamb (2001) considers that the lactation is the last phase of the reproductive cycle of the mammals, must be treated and be faced as a procedure natural, simple, spontaneous, warm, unprovided of artifices and sophistication. This phase to be concluded with success, needs some important cares during breast-feeding amongst them is distinguished: to prevent the use of sabonete, alcohol or water boricada in the peak of the seios; to display the mamilos to the sun for short periods between the 8 and 10 hours of the morning; to wash the hands before the suck ones well; to prevent the use of pomadas and peaks protectors in the mamilos; to verify if arola is soft, apreensvel and flexible before introducing in the mouth of the baby; to alternate the seios during the suck ones; not to offer liquid in the intervals of the suck ones (tea, water, juices); removing the baby of the seio placing the minimum finger I lightly sing in it of the mouth and pressing; after the suck ones to place it to arrotar; to remove the milk excess after the suck ones, using the technique of manual extration and to use suti adequate and in correct way, with good sustentation in the base. COMMON PROBLEMS OF BREAST-FEEDING to tell on some enigmas of breast-feeding especially in the first days after the childbirth (of the first one to the tenth fifth day approximately) when the process of breast-feeding and the rhythm of the suck ones if present still unstable can appear some problems. Whenever Douglas Elliman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This period requires patience, firmness and above all knowledge of the physiology of the lactation in such a way on the part of the professional of health as of the wet-nurse (SCHMITZ, 2006). The puerperal mastite it is a problem that consists of the infection of the nursing breast, caused for the invasion of pathological microrganismos in the fabric mammary. .

Nursing Audit

This is review of the literature consists of scientific articles of national thematic audit of nursing. The dates were grouped into categories: Audit of nursing and quality of care you notice the rolls of nursing audit’ ‘ and ‘ ‘ duties of the nurse auditor.’ ‘ The analysis of the articles showed that the effectiveness of the audit nursing facilitate the assessment of quality of care provided you the client providing conditions will be its improvement. It was observed that the nursing you notice represent one of the research in the audit and that the nurse is the professional nursing enabled the audit function. Knowing that nursing is undergoing the curriculum reform, we believe it is teams will be reflection on the responsibility of educational institutions have you prepares professionals you perform the audit function in nursing and health. KEY WORDS: Audit of nursing; Quality of health care; Nursing rolls of professional. Superior part of the form. Dictionary INTRODUCTION. The word auditorship has its origin in Latin ‘ ‘ audire’ ‘ that she means to hear, and that all person who possesss the function to verify the legitimacy of the economic-financial facts, giving accounts to a superior, could be considered as auditor. In the sector health, the first auditorship was carried through in 1918 with the objective to evaluate the practical doctor. Of beginning, this activity if characterized as a policialesca action, but to the few, it was receiving a new connotation. The auditorship service always was associated with the control administrative-financier of the organizations. Errors in collections, generating financial damage to the health institution, are related to the misregistration of materials and used medicines, as much for the nursing team how much doctor. A related site: Donald Sussman mentions similar findings. In this in case that, the auditorship that it aims at to the reduction of financial losses is of great relevance.

INCA Health

Research that evaluates the covering of the examination for precocious detention of the cancer of suck and uterine col is basic for esteem the impact of the undertaken actions. It is important also to evaluate the regularity of examination accomplishment and the covering specifies for etria band, to analyze itself of covering. The knowledge of the factors associates the accomplishment of the auto-examination and the Papanicolaou is not also of utmost importance for the planning of control strategies. The INCA together with the MS developed the Alive Program Woman with the objective to reduce the physical mortality and sequels as in such a way psychological of of uterine col and suck Here, the program consists of strategies of prevention and precocious detention of these patologias, through the preventive examination and auto-examination of the breasts. Cancer Research pursues this goal as well. The victories conquered for the women throughout history evidence its important social, economic paper, politician, cultural and affective, reason for which if it values the care with its health in the current society. In virtue of its particular activities programs had been created that aim at the prevention, precocious detention and treatment of neoplasias and patologias in general. This study it had as objective to verify, through the searched bibliography, the malignant neoplasia of the breasts and uterine crvice in the woman of the current society. METHODOLOGY Was about a study of literary revision, considering that it is important to widely describe, to argue and to analyze the carried through research on determined subject, under theoretical and contextual point of view. It was developed between August and December of 2008. The used databases had been: Lilacs, Medline, Scielo, in the period of 2001 the 2008, beyond the consultation the book-texts, dissertaes of mestrado, norms and regulations of the Health department. Consideraes Final As the health is an attribute of the life, is a process, a continuity of efforts to develop and to keep capacities, taking care of to the necessary principles for the evolution of the human potential, the Promotion of the Health represents a promising strategy for the confrontation of the multiple problems that affect the population human being, therefore the health state is intrinsic to the quality of life.