Ambient Education

Thus, the Ambient Education, while content of the basic education treated by Geography, has basic importance for the construction of a igualitria society and for the rational use of the natural resources, a time that poor are affected by the degradation of the Planet. 3. Consideraes Final As Saviani and Lopes (l990 apud Oliveira, 2000) the school exists to propitiate the acquisition of the instruments that make possible the access when elaborated knowing (science) and that the pertaining to school contents need to be lead of form that, at the same time where they transmit the culture accumulated, they contribute for the production of new knowledge. The Ministry of Educao (MEC) defines the school as a public and local space where the individual will give sequence to its process of socialization. For more information see this site: It is in this space that if defines the paper of the Ambient Education in the formation of a responsible citizenship. What in it if it makes, if says and if it values, it represents for the individual an example of what the society wants and approves. Behaviors must be learned in practical the day to day one of the school, since the first series. The school is one of the basic agents for the spreading of the principles of the Ambient Education, however the Ambient Education must be boarded of systematic and transversal form, in all the education levels, assuring presence of the dimensions of form support to interdisciplinar in the resumes of the diverse ones you discipline and the pertaining to school activities. In Pablo Freire, we find a ticket that very represents well the question of that it does not love the others, without loving, in first place, the nature, the environment: I do not believe in the amorosidade between men and women, between the human beings, if not becoming in them capable to love the world.

Medias Integration

With the advent of the Globalization in the last few decades, the mudanasocorridas ones in the societies, as much in the social, economic field, cultural politician are evidentes and. In the base of all these modifications are the technologies, that the paper of the knowledge in the production process reverts even though. Conditions so that this Globalization could be developed had been the world-wide interconnection of the medias and the equalization of offers of merchandises, the national currencies and the languages, what it was given in the last few decades of gradual form. as these. The concentration of the rich and poor capital and the increasing abyss between (48 entrepreneurs possess the same income of 600 million other people in set) and the growth of the unemployment (1,2 billion people in the world) and of the poverty (800 million people pass hunger) are the main social problems of the neoliberal Globalization and that they come more gaining each time meant. On the other hand the process of Globalization provided a greater integration between the countries, diffusion of technologies by means of innumerable resources of communications, with the dissemination of standards of consumption, the internationalization of the economy, the interaction between the nations and its cultures and the acirramento of the socioeconmicas and cultural differences. The technological development, proliferated in planetary scale, caused a true transformation in the life of the societies, therefore, these live guided for ' ' world of informaes' ' speeding up and increasing in dicotmico direction the creation of new social classrooms. In such a way, the great search is to try to conciliate the technological development with the human development, leaving of the estimated one of that these can be exculpatory, complementary or antagonistic, everything depends on the positioning taken for the societies. The capital binomial/work is substituted by the capital triad/work/knowledge, having detached and emphasizing a new and particular concept of knowledge. .