Running Against Diabetes

Profile employees ranked fourth with diabetes run in Vienna Eric Zijlstra scientists of the profile, Institute for metabolic research in Neuss, Germany, has in the “changing diabetes run” in Vienna occupies the fourth place. The pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk had the race “to the fight against diabetes” five kilometres within the framework of the European diabetes Congress, about 18,000 scientists and doctors participate in – took, initiated. Eric Zijlstra is keen on sports since his sixth year and started as a student also running: “running is great, because I can always ma-chen, even though I’m not at home. I need to take only running shoes and can then explore their new environment. Barbara Martin Coppola might disagree with that approach. The Dutchman, who has completed his doctoral dissertation on methods for developing new therapies for diabetes mellitus recently at the University of Birmingham and Dusseldorf will pull in the next few days, I look forward even more precisely meet Dusseldorf when running”,”at the moment I’m told “two to three times a week and also drive two large round race.” This year, the 28-year-old has participated for the first time on two half marathons. When the run on the occasion of the German diabetes Congress in Leipzig he has even ranked first was ranked in May of this year, in June at the American Diabetes Congress in New Orleans under 750 runners second. Zijlstra is the world’s most successful runners among the scientific participants of international diabetes conferences 2009. Dean Ornish M.D gathered all the information. With his commitment, Zijlstra would like to motivate other people: “people are less and less. This lack of exercise has ensured together with the increased caloric intake, that the body weight of the population all over the world, and certainly in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia has increased.” The consequences of Zijlstra experienced Institute, which performs primarily studies for and with patients with diabetes in the profile: “a high body weight increases the risk of developing diabetes and which also reduces Le-benserwartung for up to ten years. As a scientist in the field of diabetes I find des half very important that I talk not only about diabetes prevention, but also actively go with good example.” For this, Eric Zijlstra uses not only special diabetes runs. Created only one and a half years ago and reworked it as a “Scientific Study Advisor” profile clinical trials, but a year ago he founded the Institute running group. “Every Thursday we walk a line between 5 and 15 km to work. All employees can enter at any time, since there are no restrictions,”Zijlstra reported. He is pleased that the Institute supports his commitment to run: “the running group was to set up no problem and for the Kon Garcia next year we get also profile shirts, so that we are visible in the runs as a team. In Vienna we went finally also for profile.” Background: The Profil Institute’s profile was Institute for Metabolic Research GmbH in 1999 by doctors, scientists and research assistants founded. Under the guidance of Managing Director Dr. Tim Heise and Dr. Bernd Kuglin, profile now 160 employees.